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If the last episode sated your comedic needs, get ready for one that’s a little more emotion-heavy. In the most colorful episode of the season yet, we finally get a chance to explore New Genesis! New hero Forager is introduced, earning my heart with his first two lines of dialogue. The episode cover the Team’s mission in New Genesis, trying to solve a dispute between the Bugs and the New Gods. Meanwhile, the Happy Harbor gang try to help Halo and Brion get control over their new powers. Let’s dig in to the plot, shall we?

  1. Buggin’ Out: New God Orion is leading an exchange between him and members of the insect nation. What starts off as a casual exchange of goods quickly turns to deception when Orion falls through on his part of the exchange. Despite attack from the members of the insect nation, he and his partners defeat them without breaking a sweat and fly away with their goods. There is clear animosity between the bugs and the new gods, but Forager seeks to do something about it.
  2. A Summer Afternoon: Brion has no interest in relaxing and joining his new surroundings; instead he has a heated conversation with his brother, who insists that he stay in America despite Brion’s protest. Shortly after this conversation, Bear of New Genesis boomtubes into Connor and M’Gann’s backyard with warm welcomes for all. Through M’Gann’s psychic link, he explains the conflict between the New Gods and the Land Dwelling Bugs. He requires help from the Earthlings, and M’Gann is quick to offer assistance from the whole team, save for Connor who wishes to keep an eye on Brion. She gives a quick ring to the team, and we’re treated to a glance of Bart, Jaime and Tracie hanging out, Cassie arguing with Tim on the phone, and Static trying to do anything but listen to it. Soon the team is assembled, and it’s off to space they go!
  3. Fortress of Semi-Solitude: Artemis, Dick, Jefferson and Halo zeta to Happy Harbor and meet up with Connor, Brion and Lucas Carr. Dick reveals that he’s hacked the Justice League’s computers to get Jefferson, Halo and Brion G-Designations so they will be able to zeta. Much to Artemis’ annoyance, however, he still hasn’t looked into Halo’s background.
  4. A Mission in Space: No sooner does the team and Bear arrive in New Genesis do the Bugs express their profound disapproval. Forager explains that it was he who seeked help from Bear, and the Earthlings are here to help. Bear explains that the Orion that cheated the Bugs is an imposter, that the real Orion isn’t even on New Genesis. Despite this, the bugs still refuse to see reason and show a deep resentment towards the New Gods.
  5. Trying to Help: Inside Connor and M’Gann’s home, the Happy Harbor gang discuss what to do about Brion and Halo. Halo’s past is still a closed book without many leads, and Brion is a walking hotpot of bubbling rage. Their discussion is interrupted when an explosion comes from outside, only to find that Brion and Halo are testing their powers. Trying to live up to his promise that he will make things right for them, Dick encourages them to continue. Brion’s attempt at controlling his powers goes awry, and Carr’s apple trees are the ones who pay the price. Halo is much more successful, at least until she discovers a new power that knocks her out. Once she’s healed, Brion attempts to leave in pursuit of returning home but Dick convinces him to stay by promising to help Brion find Tara.
  6. An Altercation to Remember: During a staged exchange, we find out that ‘Orion’s’ partners are actually metahumans with their powers activated, explaining why Bear found traces of Earthlings after scanning Forager. M’Gann senses something familiar about Orion, and in a surprising turn of events, reveals that he is not a New God, but one of her Martian brothers posing as one. He discredits M’Gann for fooling around on Earth while he’s been dealing with the racial politics on Mars. He claims that his place New Genesis lies in completing a few favors and rally support for the White Martian rebellion. M’Gann tries to get him to see reason, but he insists that his motives are valid as he’s pushing the bugs to rebel against the New Gods, just as the White Martians should do in Mars.
  7. Battle of the Martians: When M’Gann won’t see her brother’s way, he attacks her. Luckily the team, always poor at following orders, steps in to help. Cassie, Static, Blue Beetle, Impulse and Tracie handle the metahumans while M’Gann fights her brother in their minds. The metahumans are apprehended quickly, but the match isn’t over as the Bugs, not trusting either party, attack the Team. Forager, unable to side with the Bugs’ ways, steps in to help the team. In a mind-linked battle, M’Gann tries to convince her brother that there is more in the world than revenge and rebellion, and tries to get him to choose love as his outlet. He is unable to listen; despite losing the psychic battle, he institutes a failsafe and mind-melts the two metahumans before leaving. For his treachery against the Bugs, Forager is disowned. Between the Bugs and the New Gods hating him, he is left without a place on New Genesis and returns to Earth with the team, saddened by the loss of his home.

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