Review: "Zenith and Abyss"

We have seen the latest episode and there were a metric ton of things that happened. We definitely fall into the category of overwhelmed based on the volume of things, but it seems like it will be the on ramp to even more through the rest of the season.

We kick things off on Oa, or rather the watchtower equivalent of above Oa. Lor-Zod asks about the Kaizer Thrall and sets up one of the more disturbing lines of the episode and season. He learns that the Kaizer Thrall is being moved to Earth, where we find it in the company of Green Lantern Forager, Aquaman, and Black Lightning. They call in Miss Martian to make contact with the boy inside (Danny Chase), and we learn of the tortured past that Danny has faced. She helps them all talk face to face, but is interrupted by Prince J’emm with the message that Conner may still be alive.

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Superman arrives on the Watchtower as it moves out of the Zeta shield so that Prince J’emm and Phantom Girl can also come to the Watchtower together to discuss J’emms claim further. He introduces Phantom Girl, who quickly relays her view of the events that led to the Phantom Zone, and her being back on Mars. She claims that M’gann is the only one that can bring him back and that she must do so. We then see the other Legionnaires aboard bioship and M’Comm transform into Chameleon Boy to attempt contact with Phantom Girl to learn more.

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Superman asks about Phantom Girl’s companions while still keeping their secret. M’Gann asks to be taken to Conner immediately, but Phantom Girl mentions that she can’t control her powers that way. After she learns that Phantom Zone Projector has been destroyed she commits to trying to take M’Gann with her to Conner. They first end up on Phantom Girl's homeworld of Bgtzl instead of the Phantom Zone. After psychically linking they still can’t reach the Phantom Zone, and end up back on the Watchtower.

Danny mentions that he can guide to the Phantom Zone, and the idea of a Motherbox connected to him will help open a boom tube to the zone. Orion arrives, and mentions that Trombus could be used as a location to open the tube as it is beneath a red sun, and the group agrees. They realize that most of the original team isn’t available, and the entire group on the Watchtower commits to heading to Trombus. M’Comm as Chameleon Boy reaches out and asks Phantom Girl what is going on, leading to a full explanation from Phantom Girl and leading Team Lor Zod to know exactly where to go.

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We cut to the Phantom Zone to find out that the Team has already located Conner and is moving in to make contact and try and get him home as quickly as possible. As they make contact it is no surprise that the House of Zod already knew of their presence, as it is hard to sneak up on a group that has been in the Phantom Zone for over 40 years. The confrontation with Zod confirms to Conner that the Team is actually in the Phantom Zone, and flashes to the scene of the pictures of the original Team all together. Zod admits to using Sueprboy as bait, but in spite of that fact Conner gives up the Team’s plan immediately when asked. Kaldur tries to connect with Conner, but ends up pushing him further away. By mentioning M’gann it forces Conner to admit that he thinks he is a weapon because he killed Superman.

Dick lets Conner know that he did not in fact kill Superman, and that they saw him just before they came to the Phantom Zone. Zod asks if Krypton was actually destroyed, and upon confirmation, there is talk of being released because they have already served the original time they were sentenced to. The Team makes no moves to assist with this, and Zod moves to ensure that if he can’t leave, no one can. A fight breaks out, and it is no surprise that the House of Zod has the upper hand after decades in the Phantom Zone. Kaldur helps the Team fight more directly, and they begin to gain some ground, but Superboy joins in and turns the tide until the Team has been defeated. Dick plays his final ace of Kryptonite, which does not work, and they can’t just port Conner to the bus because he doesn’t want to go, so the Team hides for now.

We open on Trombus beneath a red sun, and a boom tube opening with the Watchtower team arriving first. Danny and the mother box connect to begin opening a boom tube to the Phantom Zone. It hurts Danny, but he is committed to open the portal no matter the pain it causes. The portal opens and the House of Zod prepares to exit the Phnatom Zone and Conner connects with M’Gann. Conner refuses to come out, and as the Watchtower team starts to head in, M’Comm arrives and forces Danny/Kaizer Thrall to attack them instead. Dru Zod convinces Conner to step through the boom tube, where all of his wounds begin to affect him at once. Dru Zod meets Lor Zod who claims “the galaxy is yours” and that is really hard to argue.

Many things have culminated in this episode, but has left our heads spinning more than a little. The fact that we needed to come up with nicknames for Team Watchtower, Team Lor Zod, the Team, the House of Zod, and Team Time Travel was a bit much. By the end of the episode they are thankfully all in the same place, give or take a boom tube jump. A lot happened in this episode and we wish that there could have been more time spent in some places, namely Oa proper. That said, it seems like things will continue to escalate from here, and it is unclear as to what that will mean and who will help get the Team and League out of the situation they are currently in. 

The mention of an army of imprisoned Kryptonians on other floating rocks is concerning to say the least, but far less so than the gaping wounds on Conner’s chest and the burns to go alongside them. Who has a power set on Trombus that could help save him at this point? Will the Team in the Phantom Zone make a mad dash for the boom tube in hopes of trying to close it? Either way there are only two more episodes this season, and some more fighting to be sure.

How do you think the season will end? Who all will make it out alive? Is the whole season called Phantoms because that’s where the Team will be stuck!? Let us know in the comments, the forum, or on our Twitter!

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