Young Justice: Phantoms Arc 6 Predictions and Theories

With the final arc and the end of the season upon us, we’re eagerly theorizing and predicting how the final five episodes will go down. Luckily, last week DC published this ever so helpful watchlist with what episodes will be relevant to this arc. There are some very interesting episodes included in this watchlist, and our brains have been buzzing with what could possibly happen in the next few episodes. Here are some of our predictions for the final arc: 

  • The Team finally comes back together: Thanks to the 4b trailer, the images @HeroMode shared right before 4b aired, and a promotion on Instagram, we had an inkling that the core Team members would be coming back together. We have a tease of Kaldur and Dick fighting something in the Tower of Fate, as well as Artemis, Dick and Zatanna investigating what appears to be some kind of lab. Given that Zatanna is (finally) probably getting her old crew involved in the search for Conner, we’re likely not too far away from seeing the Team working together again. Per Lizzo: it’s about damn time!

  • Conner will make it out of the Phantom Zone and the season will end with the SuperMartian wedding: I mean, we all want this to be true, right? Something will end up happening with Conner, and since we’re optimists, we’d like to think that both he and M’gann get a happy ending. They have certainly been through enough this season.

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  • Return to Therapy Infinity Island: With “I Know Why the Caged Cat Sings” being included on the watchlist, and given that it’s certainly been some time since we checked in on the fine folks over on Infinity Island, we might (finally) be seeing what they’re all up to. Given that “Targets” is also included, would it be wrong to hope that Jade will finally return home? Another possibility is that Dick might finally learn that Jason Todd (the “red-hooded ninja”) is not deceased but alive and well. Well, as well as he can be, given that he’s been on Infinity Island for quite a length of time. We shall have to watch and find out!

  • Checking in with Markovia: Thanks again to a few teaser screenshots featuring Brion, we knew we’d be seeing him again at some point this season. Apart from us being very curious to know how Brion’s been doing this past year and a bit, it’s possible that, from a throwaway line earlier in the season, Markovia has been providing plenty of meta-humans for the Light’s plans. With the accord signed in New Genesis just last episode, things in Markovia just got a tad more complicated, and we’re very excited to see how things are faring across the sea.

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  • The Outsiders will lend a hand: Insofar, Young Justice: Phantoms has predominantly focused on the original members of the Team. However, given their more minor appearances throughout the season, it's very possible that we'll see the Outsiders in action as an aid to the Team against the potential House of Zod invasion. We could even see where Beast Boy is in regards to his mental state after coming to terms with his prolonged turmoil. The possibilities are endless, and seeing more of characters like Robin, Wonder Girl, Livewire, and Windfall is always a welcome treat!

  • Vandal will lives up to the name Savage: You don’t show us Vandal truly angry for the first time in the series and not make good on it. Before now the Team managed to put a dent in a plan here or there, but now they have unraveled something that was over 10,000 years in the making. Zod and friends may be the main bad, but Vandal has to show up.

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  • Superman may sacrifice himself: In the fifteenth episode, "Ebb Tide", Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy ask Superman to take Superboy's place at a crucial moment in time exactly ten years later. There's the distinct possibility that in order to save his surrogate younger brother, that crucial moment may need to happen much earlier in time in the form of Clark potentially taking the place of Conner in a dire, perhaps even fatal, situation. If that's the case, who knows how the young half-Krypotnian will feel about such a sacrifice being made, especially in the form of his older brother?

  • Team Time Travel is gone: All of our time traveling friends may no longer with us by the end of the season. Either by death, by choice, or by timelines resetting one way or another we are fresh out of time travelers. The Legion, Lor-Zod, and Bart Allen will no longer be in this part of the Earth-16 timeline. It won’t be so bad though, because Wally will totally come back right? ...Right?

So many theories, and we're completely prepared for the possibility that absolutely none of them may be right! That's just the way the game is played with this crazy show, and we're very eager and ready for the wild ride that these last few episodes are sure to take us on. Catch the last five episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms on HBO Max every Thursday.

Disclaimer: This article was written and queued prior to viewing any advance screening of episodes 22-26 and does not contain any official or confirmed spoilers for the remainder of the season. 

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