Stephanie Brown

Spoiler (aka Stephanie Brown) is wickedly smart, intuitive and driven. Spoilers montra is to spoil the plans of those that would commit crime and perhaps spoil the criminal themself. Stephanie feels like she has something to prove about being on the team and she is going to do just that, prove it! Zeta tube transportation recognizes Spoiler as B28

Tatsu Yamashiro

Katana (aka Tatsu Yamashiro) is a deadly serious warrior ninja who is almost completely silent. You'll be lucky if you get the smallest of smiles from Tatsu, or incredibly unlucky as it may be the last thing you see. Zeta Tube transportation recognizes Katana as Z05.

Cissie King-Jones

Arrowette (aka Cissie King-Jones) is ready for anything! She has a strong morale center that is driving her to try and too as much good in the world as she can because she believes that so much good was already done for her. Her costume resembles that of Artemis but is distinctly different with it's red color scheme. Arrowette is recognized by Zeta tube travel as B27.


Halo is a very interesting and powerful character. Halo treats everything like its new because for her, it is new. Halo takes nothing for granted especially her new friendships. Expect to learn much more about Halo throughout season 3. Zeta tube transportation recognizes her as G03.

Traci Thurston

Thirteen (aka Traci Thurston) has a wide-eyed view of the world. Everything impresses her and fills her with a sense of wonder. Traci is cute, snarky and easy to get along with. Zeta tube transportation recognizes her as B29.

Brion Markov

Geo-Force (aka Brion Markov) is a new member of the team and a new meta-human. After working with his resources as a Prince of Markovia he discovers he has the meta-human gene and is able to activate it. His powers now allow him to control certain elements of the Earth. He'll need time to learn how to control his abilities but could be a powerful addition to the team.


Forager is not from this world! He’s from a "bug race" and his look certainly reflects that. Forager has a very different outlook on Earth and its problems and that allows him to be a little lighter and provide some comedy for his fellow teammates.

Rex Mason

Metamorpho (aka Rex Mason) controls the elements by changing parts of his body to the elements he wishes to control. He joins the Outsiders among Halo, Geoforce and Forager.