Jesse McCartney

Voices: Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Jesse McCartney has been building a career encompassing acting, singing, songwriting, and voiceover work since he began performing in local community theatre at age seven. He made his Broadway debut in "The King and I" when he was nine years old, and later appeared opposite Roger Daltrey of The Who in "A Christmas Carol."

From the age of 11 to 13, McCartney simultaneously acted on ABC's "All My Children" and recorded with the boy band Dream Street, whose debut album, released in 2000, went gold. At 16, he released his solo debut album, Beautiful Soul, which sold over 1.8 million copies worldwide. McCartney's songs have topped the charts in the U.S., Australia, Italy, Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. He was also nominated for Best New Artist by the American Music Awards, Best Pop Video at the MTV Music Video Awards, and has won three Teen Choice Awards: Choice Male Artist, Breakout Artist and Crossover Artist.

McCartney co-wrote "Bleeding Love" with Ryan Tedder of One Republic. The breakout smash for singer Leona Lewis, it was a number one hit in 34 countries, the only song in over a decade to achieve this. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award and won ASCAP's song of the year. His single "Leavin,'" from his Departure album, was number one for five weeks and was Top 40 Radio's most played song of the year.

McCartney's film credits include the teen cult classic "Keith," which won five international film festival awards, and "Beware the Gonzo." On television, McCartney starred in the series "Summerland," which was one of the highest rated shows on The WB during its run in 2004 to 2005, and appeared in the recurring role of Andy during the third season of "Greek" on ABC. He has also guest starred on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and special guest starred on "CSI: Las Vegas." He was twice nominated for an Emmy Award for his work as J.R. on "All My Children."

McCartney has also voiced characters for animated films, including Theodore in all three "Alvin and the Chipmunks" films, and JoJo in "Horton Hears a Who," with Jim Carrey and Steve Carell. He voiced Roxas and Ventus in the video game series "Kingdom Hearts," and Robin/Nightwing in the animated television series "Young Justice." In an upcoming film, "Clockwork Girl," he will be voicing the role of Huxley.

Nolan North

Voices: Conner Kent/Superboy & Superman

Nolan North, who voices Superboy in the new animated adventure series Young Justice, is best known for his work voicing video game characters, particularly Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, the Prince in Prince of Persia, Desmond Miles in the Assassin's Creed series and, most recently, Richtofen in Call of Duty: Black Ops. He has also lent his voice to characters on hit animated series, including The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Wolverine and the X-Men.

Stephanie Lemelin

Voices: Artemis Crock/Tigress

Stephanie Lemelin, the voice of Artemis in the new animated adventure series Young Justice, is an actress, writer and producer who has guest-starred on many network shows, with comedic and dramatic roles on CSI: Las Vegas, Malcolm in the Middle, Rules of Engagement, Run of the House, Out of Practice, The Mullets, Bunker Hill and, most recently, a recurring role on the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced series The Whole Truth. She had a leading role in the SciFi Channel's original telefilm Anonymous Rex, based on the books by Eric Garcia. Lemelin's debut on network television, in the critically acclaimed but short-lived series Undeclared, came shortly after she arrived in Los Angeles.

In 2008, Lemelin added voiceover actress to her resume, voicing the character Mei Ling in Dreamworks' Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five. She has also voiced several commercials.

Khary Payton

Voices: Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning

Khary Payton is happy to have survived his second season on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” returning this winter as King Ezekiel, the benevolent, eccentric and theatrical leader of The Kingdom. Accompanied by his pet tiger Shiva, King Ezekiel has instantly become Payton’s most challenging and favorite role to date.

Cyborg lives on! According to cartoon fans, Payton has become synonymous with one of DC’s hottest heroes Cyborg, having voiced the character for 16 years in numerous series, DVM’s and games.

“Big Hero 6: The Series” premiered in 2017, with Payton as the voice of laser Specialist Wasabi. He is thrilled to be reprising his role of Aqualad in the fan- and critically acclaimed series “Young Justice,” which recently announced its return with season three.

Grimlock from “Transformers: Robots in Disguise,” Rafiki in “The Lion Guard,” video games “The Sims,” Reigel in “Starcraft,” Drebin in “Metal Gear Solid,” Azrael and Killer Croc in the “Batman: Arkham” franchise, and Knox from “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” are just some of the many roles he’s known for.

Born in Augusta, Georgia, Payton caught the acting bug after seeing a production of Cyrano De Bergerac in the 1st grade. As a teenager, he developed a local rep as a rapper and stand-up comic, sharing the stage with such notables as Tom Kenney and Chris Rock. After spending his teenage years consoling comedians at the bar between sets, Payton opted for college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas to study acting and directing. He stayed in Texas for several years thereafter, honing his craft in classical and experimental theatre, before finally making his way to Hollywood.

Payton co-wrote, produced and starred in the independent sci-fi feature “Astronaut: The Last Push.” The film soared through festivals from London to L.A., winning 13 awards, including Best in Show at the IFS and Fargo Film Festivals. Payton took home three awards for Best Actor.

Zehra Fazal

Voices: Halo

Zehra Fazal is an American actress, comedian, and voice actress known for voicing Nadia Rizavi in Voltron: Legendary Defender and Halo in Young Justice: Outsiders. Greg Weisman the co-creator of Young Justice: Outsiders said:

"I wrote the role with her in mind. She plays Halo, but she also plays about a dozen other characters."

Prior to her voice acting career, Fazal, who is Muslim-American and of South Asian descent, was known for her irreverent comedy often poking fun at Muslim identity. Her one-woman musical comedy show “Headscarf and the Angry Bitch”--which she described as partly fictional and partly autobiographical--created Muslim parodies of holiday comedy songs--"The Ramadan Song" instead of "The Hannukah Song"--and discussed living in America with a "hyphenated identity." Fazal, who self describes as "the Muslim Weird Al," explains that the show explores the fact that "the definition of what it is to be Muslim is expanding and it’s okay to be vocal about it." She created the show's character, Zed Headscarf, as "her tougher, bolder, prouder side" partly in response to post-911 Islamaphobia she encountered. Her performance won the "best solo performance award" at the Capital Fringe Festival in 2009 and was sold out throughout its New York International Fringe Festival run in 2010.


Troy Baker

Voices: Brion Markov/Geo-Force

Troy Edward Baker (born April 1, 1976) is an American actor and musician known for portraying the lead characters in various video game titles. His most noteable voice performances are as Joel in The Last of Us, Kanji Tatsumi in Persona 4, Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite, the Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman in other titles, Delsin Rowe in Infamous Second Son, Sam Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Pagan Min in Far Cry 4, Rhys in Tales from the Borderlands, Logan Thackeray in Guild Wars 2 and Yuri Lowell in Tales of Vesperia. He has voiced in a number of English adaptations of Japanese anime shows, including Basilisk, Trinity Blood, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Bleach and Naruto: Shippuden. He is also known for voicing Marvel Comics characters like Hawkeye and Loki in several animated features.

Before pursuing acting, Baker was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the indie-rock band Tripp Fontaine, which released the radio single "Burning Out" from their debut album Random Thoughts on a Paper Napkin in 2004. His first solo album, Sitting in the Fire, was released on October 14, 2014. On October 6, 2017, Baker and the backing band of Sitting in the Fire released a second album called Moving Around Bias under the new name Window to the Abbey.


Jason Spisak

Voices: Kid Flash (Wally West) & Forager

In addition to his work on the Guardian Frontier, Jason Spisak, voices Kid Flash in the Warner Bros. animated adventure series Young Justice. With an energetic versatility that has allowed him to enjoy a long career in both animated and non-animated series Spisak has been featured in numerous roles on shows such as Rocket Power, Squirrel Boy, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Ben 10, Zatch Bell, Piranha, Lie to Me, NCIS and others. From the age of 8, he has worked as an actor, finding interesting characters and unique ways to bring them to life with depth and realism.