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The culmination of Young Justice: Phantoms’ fifth arc is finally upon us! The stories that have been told for this arc have been nothing short of enchanting and expansive of this new world. Not only that, but the characters utilized such as Orion, Forager, and even Razer have all gotten a decent amount of screentime and development. It all comes to an end with “Odyssey of Death”, as this conclusion throws a couple of unexpected surprises at the audience! As usual, we don't dig too deep into spoiler territory, but if you haven't yet seen the episode and want to avoid any and all spoilers, this is your warning. 

The plot centers around the Justice League members that are currently stationed in Supertown aiding the stoic Metron. Lor-Zod, Mantis, and Ma'alefa'ak are still on the loose trying to free those from the Phantom Zone, and it ultimately leads to a showdown between the heroes and the villains. Sacrifices are made and allies arise during this battle against some fairly indomitable forces. Will Rocket, the Flash, and all of the other associated New Gods and Green Lantern Corps members be able to stop Lor-Zod and his associates?

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Meanwhile, the Legion of Super-Heroes, with the help of Bart Allen, are travelling through space with the help of their newly made Cosmic Treadmill. Determined to save the timeline, the futuristic do-gooders won't rest until they find a way to stop Lor-Zod without directly interacting with the timeline set in motion. On the earthbound side of this overarching story, Zatanna is also adamant on finding out where Conner’s lost soul is and how to free him. With the assistance of her father, Nabu, and many other allies, can the seasoned sorceress find her old compatriot before it's too late?

There are many things to praise regarding “Odyssey of Death”, with the first major standout being the genuinely surprising, imaginative twists. Not everyone in this episode makes it out alive and the effect it has on the other characters is quite visible and emotionally disheartening. Characters that have been established in prior episodes are also given the chance to shine with new story elements attributed to them. They'll certainly come as a surprise to many, and can take some viewers legitimately off-guard in a fairly positive manner. The way the plot is able to give us clever twists while still feeling organic was well-done and hard to see coming.

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Another major aspect of this episode that surely won't disappoint fans is the fight sequences. All of the fights between the heroes and the villains feel very visceral and aggressive, whether it be in someone's mind or on the intergalactic battlefield. The results of the quarrels between characters like Ma'alefa'ak, Orion, and Lor-Zod are also quite unexpected, some individuals get away whereas some ultimately get taken in and out of the playing field per say. While some friends lose their lives and others get away, the action sequences in “Odyssey of Death” are absolutely breathtaking and highlights how intense the show can get with its battle scenes.

Finally, “Odyssey of Death” gives us more of the Phantom Zone and how Conner is adapting to such a strange environment. All of the scenes showcasing Dru-Zod, his associates, and our favorite young Kryptonian further the puzzling abnormalities of the Phantom Zone and how many are eager to leave the brobdingnagian nightmare of a realm. Given certain circumstances regarding the episode and its events, while some means of escape are no more, there may be other ways for Conner, and unfortunately his unexpected adversaries, to leave the Phantom Zone in the near future. It's always nice to see focus on the Phantom Zone and those who inhabit it for the time being. While we're certain those in there won't be trapped all season, having time and attention spent in such a well-known location in the Superman mythos is always a nice treat for the passionate comic book fans in the audience.

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Overall, “Odyssey of Death” was a satisfactory conclusion to the fifth arc of Young Justice: Phantoms. In terms of the storyline, there are many twists and turns to surprise even the most dedicated viewers watching this epilogue episode. The action sequences also highlight the uniqueness and the raw, unbridled talent that goes behind making these fight scenes. Rounding that out with focus on the enticingly esoteric Phantom Zone, the final episode to the fifth arc really shined as not only a grand finale for certain stories and character arcs, but as a standalone story in an already impressive season as well. We have one more arc to go this season, so stay tuned for the final stretch of episodes!

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