Review: “Death and Rebirth”

We did it! We made it to the season finale, and what a finale it was. So many things were wrapped up, but in true YJ fashion many things were left to wonder about, to speculate on, without and without tin foil hats. No cliffs were hung with the ending, but definitely things were teased in massive ways. Let’s talk about them!

We open the finale right where we left off last episode in the middle of Metropolis with Dru Zod doing his best to explain why isn’t all that bad, or rather that he will be the god of earth aka New Krypton and to kick things off Superboy will need to kill Superman. We cut back to the North Pole where Nightwing stumbles out of the fortress to see the carnage of the wrecked bio ship, but that fades to M’gann showing it to be an illusion and Nightwing letting her in on his own illusion. The two break down how they each found themselves to be where they are and the teams they were with to get there. It looks like everyone that is able is headed to, or already in Metropolis.

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With Rocket lost in the boom tube, Forager and bioship down and out, and no quick way of getting to Metropolis things look dire until Baby shows up! Back in Metropolis the word family finally hits Conner where it should and he flashes through all the moments of family he has known through the years. Then the real battle begins! Kid Flash rips the kryptonite from Dru Zod, and Artemis drives the Magic school bus into Lor Zod. Nightwing lets M’gann know that this isn’t the time to hold back because the House of Zod intends to take the planet without question. M’comm forces Danny/Kaiser-Thrall to open the portal back into the Phantom Zone to bring forth his army. Kaldur, Zatanna, Kid Flash, and Artemis continue to attack the House of Zod and things aren’t going well. Thankfully the crew on Baby shows up and the fight continues in full!

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We have been waiting for this moment for so long, and we were right, if there was anyone that could bring Conner back it was M’gann. She shows him who he truly is, and we have Superboy back with us! We get to see some impressive matchups with Zod v El and so much more. M’gann is finally pushed to become the terrifying demi-goddess she is meant to be. The plan culminates in a restored Danny opening a boom tube back to the Phantom Zone and everyone getting tossed back in. The only exceptions are the Emerald Empress and Lor Zod making an escape.

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We wanted it from the first arc, and we are finally getting it here in the last one, Supermartian wedding is here! It is a veritable who’s who from YJ past and present, but we would expect no less. What to do with those in the Phantom Zone, but we learn it is far too late as Vandal has seen to it that there are none there anymore. We learnt that Metron was heavily involved in Rocket being saved, and had already had many things in motion. Brainiac shows up to bring the Legionnaires back to their time with a functioning time sphere. We get a surprisingly uninterrupted ceremony and Conner and M’gann are finally married! The post credit scene is not to be skipped though, as we see the newest Furies and it is none other than Black Mary and Supergirl!!

Was that a perfect finale? No, but it tried to get as close as possible. The stinger at the end of the finale will no doubt be talked about and theorized on for months, and years, to the point where it probably stands to have its own article. We think that the wrapping up of the story felt somewhat quick, but ultimately that is a two sided critique because in the end we will always say yes to more Young Justice no matter what form it comes in. 

The wedding was a fantastic way to cap off the season, as is the case with so many shows. That said, we hope this is merely the end of the season, and by no means the end of the show. With comics only a week away and a constant sweep of support it is hopefully just a matter of time before we hear about season 5 getting the green light. With the Furies on deck, with Vandal having a War World full of Kryptonians, M’comm having free reign of Durla, with the Emerald Empress pregnant with Lor Zod heading to Daxam, and countless other things it seems like Season 5, 6, and 7 are absolute musts!

What was your favorite part of the finale? What was your favorite part of the season? Where do your hope season 5 will explore? Let us know in the comments or forums and #KeepBingingYJ

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