Zehra Fazal

Voices: Halo

Zehra Fazal is an American actress, comedian, and voice actress known for voicing Nadia Rizavi in Voltron: Legendary Defender and Halo in Young Justice: Outsiders. Greg Weisman the co-creator of Young Justice: Outsiders said:

"I wrote the role with her in mind. She plays Halo, but she also plays about a dozen other characters."

Prior to her voice acting career, Fazal, who is Muslim-American and of South Asian descent, was known for her irreverent comedy often poking fun at Muslim identity. Her one-woman musical comedy show “Headscarf and the Angry Bitch”--which she described as partly fictional and partly autobiographical--created Muslim parodies of holiday comedy songs--"The Ramadan Song" instead of "The Hannukah Song"--and discussed living in America with a "hyphenated identity." Fazal, who self describes as "the Muslim Weird Al," explains that the show explores the fact that "the definition of what it is to be Muslim is expanding and it’s okay to be vocal about it." She created the show's character, Zed Headscarf, as "her tougher, bolder, prouder side" partly in response to post-911 Islamaphobia she encountered. Her performance won the "best solo performance award" at the Capital Fringe Festival in 2009 and was sold out throughout its New York International Fringe Festival run in 2010.