Best Holiday Gifts for Young Justice Fans

Happy Holidays, everyone! No matter what you’re celebrating, we hope everyone is having a fun, relaxing holiday season. If you’ve been on the prowl for the perfect Young Justice gift (for yourself or someone else, we don’t judge) but can’t decide on what to get, we thought we’d offer a little bit of help. There’s so much to choose from, we scoured all the sources and found some amazing contenders. Here are the top Young Justice gifts we found: 

  1. A DC Universe Subscription: What better gift than the one that keeps on giving? We kid, but seriously, a DC Universe Subscription is the perfect gift idea for someone who loves DC Comics and characters. With an array of incredible content, DC Universe keeps on building and is shaping up to be a solid addition to anyone’s streaming service collection. All three seasons of Young Justice are available to watch with a click of a button, super convenient to the diehard fan. And who knows, maybe they’ll get into Doom Patrol or Harley Quinn, next!
  2. The Young Justice: Outsiders DVD: Not into DC Universe but still want the newest season of Young Justice in your hands? No problem! Lucky for us, the Young Justice: Outsiders DVD was released not too long ago, and it is ripe for gifting. Whether you choose to buy the Blu-Ray or go digital, make sure you also send along a little pack of tissues. You know, for that scene. 
  3. The Ever Adorable Wally West Plush: Did you adore Brucely and Lian’s little Wally West plush from Outsiders? Let’s be real, we all did. Thanks to Funko and Hot Topic, you can own one too, and they’re super affordable. Add him to your collection, or toss him out in the middle of a snowstorm and reenact his demise from ‘Endgame’. The possibilities are endless! Now, if only we could get more of these adorable creatures… 
  4. A Super Cozy Tee/Sweatshirt From the DC Universe Store: We loved seeing DCU step up it’s merch game by adding new Young Justice items. There are lots of options to choose from; personally, I love the ‘Stay Whelmed’ notebook and the Outsiders shirt. These would make an excellent addition to any fan’s desk or wardrobe. 
  5. The Original Young Justice Action Figures: More of a collector? No problem. Ebay has a ton of listings for the original Young Justice action figures, back when the show was still on Cartoon Network. You’ll find a variety of characters, many of them at very reasonable price points. Who wouldn’t love receiving a teeny tiny Cheshire as their secret santa gift? Just me? Moving on… 
  6. Young Justice Book One: The Early Missions: Have a fan that’s never read the Young Justice tie-in comics? This collection would make the perfect gift for them. Featuring the first 13 issues, this book is a wonderful supplement to Season One and a great way to support the tie-in comics. 

This list is by no means comprehensive, there’s a ton of other options out there! Plenty of fanmade content exists on Redbubble, Etsy and Teepublic that is just waiting to be taken to a good home. Young Justice: Legacy is a great supplement to a fan who’s never played it before. And for those that prefer something a little more homemade, there’s nothing like commissioning your favorite artist or writer to create something a little more personal. No matter what you go with, the YJTV team wish you the happiest of holidays, and we’ll see you back in the new year!

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