Crash the Mode: Call to Action

Happy Whelmed Wednesday, beautiful people! I hope nobody’s missed me too much in my absence, and judging by the crickets chirping nearby, I think I’m going to call it safe on that note. A big thank you to Eric for filling in for me last week, I promise it was all in good effort. Because boy, do we have something coming for y’all. In case last week’s article freaked you out about a YJS4 renewal, fear not. It was all an elaborate plan. Here at YJTV, we strive to inform you of all the goings-on of the Young Justice community. With 61 days until the premiere of the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders, the fandom has gotten a little quiet. Therefore, we felt like it was time for a little mission. Unlike the team, however, this won’t be a recon: we need to make an explosion. It’s time to show the world how much we love Young Justice.

Until YJ returns, join us in promoting #CrashtheMode, a mass effort to show the world (and DC Universe) how much we care about this show and want it to be renewed for another season. Your team leaders are counting on you to give it your all in order to ensure the mission is a success.

Throughout the month of May, there are several tasks to complete. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Send in a short video letting us know why you love Young Justice. It doesn’t have to be long, just a few seconds at most. Don’t feel comfortable showing your face? Perfectly fine. Use whatever you want! Be it a Kid-Flash plush, a drawing, or just a quote. Any contribution is equally helpful. Once you have your clip, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the end of May, and then we will compile it into a collage vid.
  2. Follow YJFANDOMFEST on Tumblr to gear up for #FandomFridays. During this month, you can submit an ask or submission nominating someone in the fandom to be recognized for their contributions. Every Friday in June, we will post these submissions using the tag #FandomFriday to spread awareness and thank our amazing fandom.
  3. Keep an eye out for further instruction from us and other team leaders. They are hard at work ensuring that June and July are filled to the brim with Twitter hashtags, viewing parties, and other fun events. A calendar will be posted at the beginning of each month with the events planned.
  4. Binge-watch the show and read the tie-in comics. It goes without saying, but the best way we have to show DCUniverse that we want more YJ is to give them numbers.
  5. Promote, promote, promote. The only way this mission will succeed is if everyone spreads the word. We know this fandom is capable of amazing things, now it’s time to show the world. Share this post and get ready for a massive effort.

For this campaign, the team leaders are as follows: YJFanvids (twitter and tumblr) @YoungJusticetvsite (twitter and tumblr), @Young-Justice-Season-Three (tumblr), @YoungJusticeSlut (Ariel’s tumblr), @YoungJustice-Wiki (twitter and tumblr), @Perichat (tumblr). Please follow them and stay tuned as they will provide further instructions over the next 61 days.

Remember friends, the only way this is going to get the traction we need is by sharing. The original call to action will be floating around on both Twitter and Tumblr, so get right on to reblog on both those handles, using the hashtag #YJS4 and #crashthemode.

Good luck, and as always, stay whelmed!

Ariel Horn
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Ariel is's lead writer. She has been obsessed with the show since its early days, and looks forward to cover this exciting new season with everyone. May hope burn bright!

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