#CrashtheMode Week One

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope y’all are feeling the aster, because today is the first day of #CrashtheMode! In case y’all missed it, I’ll put the calendar right below.

0057 calendar

As promised, here’s a more detailed explanation for the events happening this week:

  • May 31st: The start of the campaign, and the premiere of Swamp Thing! As a fandom, it's important we show support for all of DCU's shows, so use the hashtag #SwampThing to promote the show on Twitter. Let DCU know how excited we were for Swamp Thing, and how we know it'll be just as good as Young Justice!
  • June 1st: The first livestream of the YJ Binge. Want to binge the show before 3b? We got you covered. We'll kick off the binge by watching Season 1, episodes 1-6. Time TBA. Use the hashtag #KeepBingingYJ to spread awareness!
  • June 2nd: Second livestream, watching Season one, episodes 7-12. Time TBA.
  • June 3rd: Use the hashtag #YJComics on Twitter to share your favorite tie-in comics moment!
  • June 4th: Third livestream, watching Season one, episodes 13-18. Time TBA.
  • June 5th: Whelmed Wednesdays! YJFanVids and I will be sharing highlights from the Young Justice Fandom, including articles by, podcasts from the YJFiles, new blogs to follow, and more. Use the hashtag #WhelmedWednesday to share and promote.
  • June 6th: Use the hashtag #TraughtThursday on Twitter to share your favorite Young Justice couple!
  • June 7th: Fourth livestream, finishing Season one with episodes 19-26.

It's going to be an amazing month, everyone. Let’s see those hashtags, and get ready to #CrashtheMode!

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