#CrashtheMode Week Three

Happy Whelmed Wednesday, lovely readers! We’re getting close, only 19 more days until we get to have our faves back on DC Universe. I know there’s been a lot of uncertainty, confusion and frustration flowing around after the Swamp Thing cancellation, so I hope I can provide you with a heaping spoonful of optimism. Or at the very least, help you to stay Whelmed.

Of course, before I get into gushing about today’s #WhelmedWednesday recipient of recognition, I’ll take a hot second to remind everyone of the events going on for the week:

  1. TODAY: Whelmed Wednesday! Use the hashtag #WhelmedWednesday to support the YJ Contributor of the week.
  2. June 13th: Season 2 rewatch, episodes 7-12! This is where things really start to get intense with YJ Invasion, so treat yourself to a few episodes and use the hashtag #KeepBingingYJ to share your favorite moments.
  3. June 14th: Favorite YJ episode! Use the hashtag #FeelingtheAster to share your favorite episode from Young Justice. Feel free to use pictures and GIFs to support!
  4. June 16th: FINAL DAY TO SUBMIT YJ VIDEOS! Also, to celebrate the wonderful number 16, share your favorite 16 reference in Young Justice using the hashtag #16theories.
  5. June 17th: Season 2 rewatch, episodes 13-18! Nearing Season 3, follow along the rest of Season 2 and use the hashtag #KeepBingingYJ to share your favorite moments.
  6. June 18th: Hype up for the second half of Season 3! Use the hashtag #TurbedTuesday to share what you are most excited to see in the latter half of Season 3.

That’s all for the next week!

This week, the #CrashtheMode team wants to recognize the people behind the Young Justice Wiki for #WhelmedWednesday. These people are always up to date on news, and tirelessly work on the YJ Wiki website to provide all the information the fans want to know about the show. Where would we be without them? From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything you guys do. It is sincerely appreciated.

Keep spreading the campaign and using those hashtags! I look forward to seeing what y’all have to share this week. Don’t let the uncertainty get you down, and always stay whelmed.

Ariel Horn
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Ariel is's lead writer. She has been obsessed with the show since its early days, and looks forward to cover this exciting new season with everyone. May hope burn bright!

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