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Welcome back to Whelmed Wednesday everyone! This week, we're more than happy to introduce a new member of the team, and the author of this wonderful article: Neal Powell. Neal is a great friend of ours, and after spending years as the producer of Whelmed: the Young Justice Files, he knew it was time to produce some words for YJTV as well. We're so happy to finally have him join us, and we know you'll love what he has to say.

For today's Whelmed Wednesday piece, we're taking a look at the amazing end credit scenes in Season 4 thus far. Young Justice has always taken to packing in as much story as possible, and the end credits since Season 3 have been no different. We loved the relaxing, lullaby segments, but Season 4 has taken the end credits to the next level! Here are our thoughts on the credits from the first four episodes:

  • Canary session: While we get a normal feeling scene with Wolf casually sleeping on the deck outside the Carr house, we immediately dive deeper. In one of the most enjoyable additions to Young Justice Dinah Lance aka Black Canary continues to promote mental health while talking to Violet Harper. In the span of roughly one minute we learn so much. Jefferson is still in charge of the League, further promoting the mental health of everyone. The events of Season 3 still echo into the lives of everyone. and, thankfully Wolf is alive and well! It's so nice to see Young Justice prioritizing mental health, definitely an attitude that we need more of in today's world. We're very curious to see Violet's journey into learning more about Islam and her connection to it, and we'll be waiting for that storyline with bated breath.

  • River Runs Through It: We find ourselves floating down a river on Mars with the glow of a phone lighting Beast Boy’s face. Again, in the space of a minute we learn so much about Queen Perdita and the issues that face her relationship with Garr. Not only does Garr tackle leading the Outsiders, but Perdita faces a refugee crisis, as Markovian refugees seek new homes. King Brion denies any chance of talking, and we now have so much more knowledge about several relationships, and foreshadow again how impactful the events of Season 3 were. Will our favorite famous couple reunite and fix things upon Garfield's return from Mars? We sure hope so.

  • Boom Tube, NOW: Debatably the greatest end credit scene so far, as baby Lobo is always a contender. We see Superman with his shoes off taking a moment to relax only for fatherhood of a super powered baby to show up. I don’t know that I would ever invest this much thought into Kryptonian poop, but here we are! The continued sharing within the parents of powered children makes me happy, right after I have a moment pushing past the Nuclear Option again.

  • True Pain: From what may be the funniest credits, to the saddest, we see and hear M’Gann crying at the place that should have been the happiest in her life only for it to be a reminder of what will instead be the saddest moment. The completed altar is now a beacon to how close they were to the wedding, and we're left crushed. Well, partially crushed. We still have very high hopes that the Legion managed to get to Conner in time!

On the whole, these end credit scenes are an excellent way to add in character moments and make use of every second of screentime available. The good news is that there will be credit scenes at the end of every episode. The better news? In a recent interview, Brandon Vietti hinted at the idea of after credit scenes, too. While we have only seen that twice before, both instances were certainly memorable and we'll be keeping our eyes glued to the time remaining on the episodes from here on out!

What is your favorite end credits scene? What do you hope to see in the credits for the rest of this season? Let us know in the forum, or on our Twitter; we love hearing from you!

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