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Happy Tuesday, dear readers! I hope y’all have had an amazing week, and if you attended SDCC, hopefully you’re getting some well-deserved rest. Just like the wicked, I will not be getting any rest, but every moment of this weekend was more than worth it. I plan on writing up all about my weekend at SDCC at some point (after I get a nap in), but today, let’s spin the focus on the new Young Justice Outsiders episode! 

Oh, and before I forget: We have a season four! Just in case you somehow missed it. 

‘Elder Wisdom’ brings along some wholesome conversations that needed to be had. The Outsiders and Miss Martian’s team join together to fight off an impending ‘BIF’ attack, but Lex Luthor manages to spin things towards his own gain. Or… does he? Meanwhile, some of the Outsiders’ parents (and guardians) are not happy about the teens’ involvement in a public team, and Violet comes clean to Brion and Tara. Intrigued? Read on for our detailed breakdown!

  1. Attack on the Titans: We begin the episode in Bwanda, where Lex Luthor reassures G. Gordon that the United Nations Climate Conference is being held in Bwanda upon hospitality by their General. The scene cuts away to Troia, on a video call with Wonder Woman. Side note, anyone else get really excited upon seeing Garth and Troia get some well-deserved screen time? Just me? Cool, cool. Because this is Young Justice and nothing can ever be peaceful for long, Garth and Troia are attacked and rendered unconscious.
  2. Battle With the BIFs: The attack is brought on by the BIF organization, who are rebelling in opposition of the General. Luckily for everyone else, the Outsiders and the Team are there to help. The Team assists in protecting Troia, while the Outsiders handle the remainder of the UN ambassadors. With his own agenda, Lex receives permission from the General to call in help from the Justice League. No doubt an attempt to get the public on his side, rather than the Outsiders’. In the scuffle, Kid Flash is temporarily injured, and Violet’s throat is slashed. When the fight is over, Lex attempts to use the injuries as an example of the teens throwing themselves recklessly into danger and insists that the proper communication system works. 
  3. Knowing and Proving: On the Bioship, Miss Martian consoles Lia, a mind-controlled Shadow who was rescued with her help. Beast Boy explains to the Outsiders how Miss Martian got the drop on the BIF attack, but he’s pretty sure that Garth was targeted. Halo adds in that Troia was also targeted, and they conclude that they were set up by Lex Luthor. Meanwhile, we learn that the two assassins leading the attack on Troia and Garth were none other than Cassandra and Lady Shiva. However, Cassandra has some questions, and she brings them up to Lex. She is concerned that because they failed to eliminate their targets, the Outsiders will be able to prove that Lex was behind the attack. Lex, however, is unconcerned, and remains confident that they will be unable to do so. 
  4. Sparks of Rebellion: Upon delivering Lia to Taos, Miss Martian confronts Halo about her reckless and odd behavior as of late. She begs her to talk to someone, but as before, Halo remains quiet. As consequence, Miss Martian suspends her from the Team. Eduardo Sr. meets his son and expresses concern about his safety, now that he is on the team. An argument brews, and despite Miss Martian’s attempt to quell the flames, it only grows more heated. Eduardo Jr. blows his father off and the Outsiders leave via Boom Tube.
  5. Parental Guidance: On New Years’ day, Beast Boy and the Outsiders prepare to train. Dr. Jace approaches Violet and tells her that she has still not been able to find a cure. This doesn’t bode well for Violet, who then lashes out at Brion and refuses his attempts at conciliation. To keep the uncomfortable train going, Helena Sandsmark, Jay Garrick, and Eduardo Sr. arrive at the tower. They attempt to talk some sense into the Outsiders and try to get them to see the danger that they’re putting themselves in. However, they’re interrupted when the Outsiders receive a call for help from a little Irish girl who insists that robot monkey’s (Professor Ivo’s robot monkeys) are stealing from her dad. Only Beast Boy, Static, and Blue Beetle are able to go on this mission, as Brion chose to stay with Halo, and the other three’s guardians refuse to let them leave.
  6. Coming Clean: Brion enters Violet’s room and tries to get her to talk to him. Eventually, Violet confesses that she and Harper kissed at school. It’s not a big deal, as Brion is more than understanding and willing to let it slide. However, Violet is done keeping secrets. She calls Tara into her room, and tells them both of Gabrielle’s involvement in their parents’ deaths. Here, Brion is not so forgiving, and leaves to his room. Tara, alone and with no one to talk to, experiences something akin to a panic attack and messages Deathstroke about the parent-child arguments going down on the floor below. 
  7. Elder Wisdom: As Beast Boy, Static and Blue Beetle take down Ivo’s robot monkeys and save the little Irish girl, the three elders continue to try and reason with the teens. It’s a rather touching moment in which we get to see a rare consequence of being a teen vigilante, and it’s handled delicately. Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and El Dorado manage to convince their parents to trust them and let them continue fighting crime.
  8. Lex Out of Luck: With Tara’s intel, Lex goes on G. Gordon’s talk show and continues to trash the Outsiders’ reputation. However, Lex is on the wrong side of public opinion, and G. Gordon calls him out on it. #WeAreAllOutsiders remains trending, and with their parents’ approval, the Outsiders are together and stronger than before. Lex is peeved that G. Gordon put him on the spot like that, but Gordon advises him to switch sides, and fast. 
  9. This is War: In Gotham, the ‘Anti-Light’ gathers to go over the recent events. As it turns out, Ivo’s robot monkeys and the little Irish girl was a ploy, devised by them to garner even more public support for the Outsiders while putting Lex Luthor in his place. Wonder Woman isn’t happy with this deceit, and honestly I don’t blame her. At this point, they seem to be taking it a little far. I can only imagine what kind of consequences this will bring in the future. 
  10. Goodbye Halo?: Halo, distraught over Brion and Tara’s reactions, in addition to her own grim fate, pens a letter. Is our dear Halo leaving us? Catch me crying until next week, waiting to find out. 

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