Eminent Threat Recap

Sixty-nine minutes and forty-nine seconds. By now, if you are reading this you should have finished episode three of season three of Young Justice. So, you've now seen sixty-nine minutes and forty-nine seconds of Young Justice that could have never existed without The DC Universe, Greg Weisman, Brandon Vietti and most of all, you the fans. Eminent Threat was the capstone to a three episode story arch that took place in Markovia. Nightwing, Superboy, Tigress, and Black Lightning worked with their new friends to expose Bedlam and make some major changes for Markovia. That wasn't all though, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Rescue of Superboy: Just like James Bond, Nightwing walks right through the front door of the Children's Hospital. He is able to break into the underground lair and meanwhile Tigress and Black Lightning enter though the sewers. Together they coordinate a two-pronged attack.
  2. Bedlam's Deal: Before the rescue can go forward, the team pauses to hear all the plans of the villans. Vertigo, The Regent, and Dr. Ecks are all working together for a much bigger plan. Count Vertigo is hoping to take over Markovia which will allow them to take the neighboring country. Then the two countries will be under the Light's dominion.
  3. Plasmus Attacks: Before the team can begin the rescue, Plasmus begins to attack. A single hit could kill Tigress but luckily Halo is there to stop him. Nightwing gets to the pod and frees Superboy. The bad guys are able to get the children off world via a Boomtube. The Regent heads back to the party to get ahead of the team's attack. He calls out the Prince as a meta-human, which Brion now is, and blames him for meta-human trafficking as well as the murder of his parents and abduction of his sister. The new meta-human hears this via the team's transmission and loses it!
  4. Geo-Force's Revenge: Brion, now Geo-Force, heads for the party to confront The Regent's lies. The two engage in battle as it is revealed the Regent is also a meta-human. Superboy, tracking Geo-Force with his infrared vision, heads to the party to stop/assist Geo-Force.
  5. Apokalyps Tech Battle: Count Vertigo returns to where the team has set up. They also bring Plasmus, and two goons armed with tech. A battle ensues but the team is victorious except Plasmus grabs Halo and burns her skull. She is killed and lies dead on the ground. Black Lightning sees yet another dead kid and loses his mind. His powers come rushing back and he takes on Plasmus. Artemis and Dr. Jace head to the side of Halo whose face is half burned to the skull (this is the new darkness I believe the show was talking about). She does however, come back to life again and heals herself.
  6. Markovian Exile: The battle between the regent and Geo-Force rages on but the crowned prince orders his guards to intervene and arrest the Regent. When the Regent doesn't go quietly, Superboy takes him out! The crowned prince however, banishes Brion from Markovia and Superboy takes him away.
  7. One More Dead Kid: Black Lightning fighting Plasmus is able to remove the brain controlling device that he was outfitted with. The team quickly got the upper hand and ends the battle. Plasmus turns on his captures and the fight is over. Vertigo retreats and then a bystander with a rifle thinks he is helping by shooting Plasmus through his heart. Halo can't save him and he dies. Black Lightning rage-fully shares that he killed a kid and he'll have to live with it while also realizing it is true of himself. Artemis turns to Dick and asks "What now?".

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