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I hope y’all aren’t feeling the mode too much, because this is our last week of Young Justice Outsiders episodes before the midway hiatus. It’s fine, I’m not crying or anything. To ease the parting blow, this week we didn’t get three episodes: we got four! There’s a whole lot to cover, so I want to just jump right in to this fantastic episode. ‘Exceptional Human Beings’ covers Batman, Katana and Metamorpho’s covert mission into Santa Prisca in hopes of finding information about Tara Markov. In between this epic mission, we get little glimpses into the outsiders’ lives and how they’re faring on the daily. Here’s what went down:

  1. Welcome to the Jungle: After many episodes of wondering what Batman and his secret team were up to, we finally get a look at one of his covert missions. The family resemblance must be strong, because Bruce’s definition of covert is strangely similar to Nightwing’s. Batman, Katana and Metamorpho arrive in Santa Prisca with strict instructions from Oracle to maintain radio silence. The jungle sequences are beautifully choreographed to where we can see how well the three work together..
  2. A Stony Relationship: Meanwhile, in Detroit, Dr. Silas Stone is working in his lab when his son, Victor, gives him a call. I see you, Cy. Their relationship is anything but warm and pleasant, and despite Victor’s attempts to get his father to come out to his game that evening, Dr. Stone is more interested in his work and disconnects the call when Steel of the Justice League gives him a ring. Dr. Steel informs Dr. Stone that he has been put in charge of examining an Apokoliptian Fatherbox. Uh oh.
  3. Nothing but her Engagement Ring: To distract us from the impending doom Dr. Stone will bring, let’s return to Happy Harbor. Conner and M’gann are getting ready for the day, just a casual domestic scene. And then we laugh at how this really isn’t a kids show anymore when M’gann suggests they have a little bit of fun.
  4. Tag, You’re It: In Owings Mills, Dick continues training the Outsiders team. They’ve tremendously improved over the past few months and are really starting to get a strong grip on their abilities enough to act like a real team. It’s a nice parallel to how smoothly Batman and his team operate. Brion and Violet flirt throughout the scene, and Forager is Forager. Dr. Jace and Jefferson discuss how well everyone is getting along, and I still don’t trust her. Mark my words, something is fishy about Dr. Jace. Brion is still frustrated and not whelmed that Dick isn’t talking about what’s being done to help Tara. It’s only a matter of time before he tries to go all ‘Rescue Op’ again.
  5. Power in Grace: Katana and Metamorpho are on their own and encounter Lady Shiva, training a batch of Shadow recruits. Oracle warns them to steer clear, at least until Shiva singles out one of the recruits for other matters. Katana and Metamorpho pursue until Oracle bids them pause as Batman is already in location. Inside, Shiva meets up with Deathstroke sans his Season Two ponytail, and we finally discover that he is the new leader of the Shadows. Not only that, but the recruit Shiva brought with her is Cassandra Savage, who expresses concern over her missing roommate ‘Markov’. Tara Markov. Deathstroke explains that she washed out and Granny may find some use for her.
  6. Locker Talk: At Heywood High School, Victor gets ready for his football game while his teammates discuss which female member of the Justice League they would love to get with. Victor pays no attention to this talk, and instead glowers that his teammates focus on the game. He also makes no move to stop them from bullying the towel-boy, so he loses points in my book for that.
  7. Buenas Noches Batman: Now that Batman’s team has the information that they’ve come for, Oracle gives them instruction to meet at the rendezvous point and sneak on a boat carrying a venom shipment. Before Batman can get anywhere, though, Bane finds him out and ignites an attack.
  8. A Broken Family: In Star City, Violet enjoys some ice cream with the Harper-Crock family while Artemis fills out forms for her to attend school. Violet decides to go by Violet Harper after a kind suggestion by Will. Speaking of Will, he notices something outside and excuses himself from the table. That something happened to be his wife, Jade, lurking outside and watching Lian through the window. He asks her to stay with them, but Jade refuses, insisting that they’re both better off without her. Will tells her she’s wrong, but Jade turns away, tells him to move on and runs away. Judging that she was crying, I would strongly bet that she didn’t want to. What are you hiding, Jade? Tell me so I can stop crying, I beg of you.
  9. Go Out With a Bang: In an epic showdown, Batman fights Bane while Katana and Metamorpho take on Lady Shiva and Deathstroke. The fight scene is exquisite, to which my favorite part might be the many different facets of Metamorpho’s powers. Oracle saves the day by calling in their getaway and blowing up Bane’s shipment on the boats. Batman’s team is saved while Bane, Shiva and Deathstroke look on.
  10. Boo-yah!: Victor’s team wins the match, but his father did not attend. He’s understandably upset, especially when college recruiters come and praise him for his success. Dr. Stone, however, is busy with other matters. He’s just received the fatherbox. Anyone else scared? You should be.

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