Final Week of #CrashtheMode

It’s a beautiful Whelmed Wednesday here at YJTV, and we’re incredibly close to the second half of Outsiders! I know, I know, we still have about two weeks to wait, but next week Eric will be in charge of the final countdown while yours-truly will be ziplining and exploring waterfalls in Costa Rica.

A lot happened this past week, including finally receiving a trailer for 3b, and the (potential) realization that we’ll probably only be getting one episode a week for the remainder of the seasons. While this may seem underwhelming, let’s look at the bright side! An episode a week means that we have thirteen weeks to spend with each other, as opposed to just four. I for one am glad for the extra community-building, and hopefully we’ll get a Season 4 renewal in this time frame. I’m putting the latter out into the universe, so it pretty much has to come true, right?

As we creep closer to the premiere of 3b, we near the end of the #CrashtheMode campaign. The last week is actually the one I’m looking forward to the most, and we could really use everyone’s help in spreading it around. Without further ado, here are the final events for the #CrashtheMode campaign:

  • June 20th: Use the hashtag #ChalantThursday to share your favorite Young Justice character! Feel free to use pictures, gifs, or even your favorite quote.
  • June 21st: International Fan Friday! If you’re an international fan, share how much you would like to access DC Universe and watch Young Justice, and use the #CrashtheMode hashtag to share.
  • June 22nd: Season 2 and 3 rewatch, episodes 19-20 and 1-3! Cry while finishing the end of Season 2, and start on the first half of Season 3. Use the #KeepBingingYJ hashtag to share your thoughts!
  • June 23rd: Season 3 rewatch, episodes 4-6! (My favorite batch of episodes in this season). Use the #KeepBingingYJ hashtag to share your thoughts! If you’re watching Private Security, feel free to send me your reactions, pictures, and gifs to my Twitter handle (@ArielHorn10) because they’ll make my year.
  • The following week is Young Justice Appreciation week; this week, on every day, show the YJ cast and crew your thanks by letting them know how much you love the show.
  • June 24th: Thank your favorite Voice Actor by tweeting them and using the hashtag #YJVA!
  • June 25th: Thank a crew member by tweeting them and using the hashtag #YJCrew!
  • June 26th: Thank your favorite YJ Fansite by tweeting them and using the hashtag #YJFanservice!
  • June 27th: Thank Christopher Jones for the phenomenal YJ Comics by tweeting him and using the hashtag #YJComics!
  • June 28th: And finally, thank Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti for their amazing efforts in making YJ by using the hashtag #YJGrandon.
  • June 29th-July 1st: Use these final days to finish catching up on Season 3, and use the #KeepBingingYJ hashtag to share your thoughts!
  • July 2nd: I mean, is there any other hashtag to use other than #TodayistheDay?

Happy tweeting everyone!

On today’s #WhelmedWednesday, I want to personally thank YJFanVids, the co-creator of the #CrashtheMode campaign, for being my partner in crime and making this campaign with me. If you haven’t yet interacted with this wonderful human, she’s been devoted to this fandom since the early YJ days, always sharing the latest news, promoting campaigns, and being on top of all the fandom goings-on. Additionally, she shares amazing artwork and Young Justice fan videos on her Tumblr (YJFanVids), so please feel free to check her out!

Let’s end this campaign on a big bang, show our appreciation for the show, and keep using those hashtags! I have absolutely loved seeing everyone’s posts these past few weeks, and I look forward to the coming ones. The next time I’ll see y’all is in my episode 14 recap, so until then, keep feeling the aster!

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