First 3 Season 2 Episode Synopses Released

If you don't have a DC Universe account yet, hopefully you might find one under the tree this year. If that's the case, you'll have perfect timing to get started on season 3 of Young Justice! We are less than 16 days away from welcoming back the show that really changed the animated superhero serial. Today, we can share with you the first three synopses from the first three episodes of this season! Much like season 2, it looks like a larger story is going to unfold! Episode 301 is titled: "Princes All" and the synopsis says:

After the Justice League faces a horrifying incident on the planet Rann, Dick Grayson gathers an elite squad of heroes to shut down a meta-human trafficking syndicate in Markovia.

Episode 302 is titled: "Royal We" and the synopsis says:

Dick Grayson, Artemis Crock, Conner Kent and Jefferson Pierce go undercover in Markovia to stop the Bedlam Syndicate's meta-human trafficking cartel – before it claims another victim.

And finally episode 303 is titled: "Eminent Threat" and the synopsis says:

Conner Kent and Prince Biron Markov are in the clutches of Count Vertigo, leaving Dick Grayson, Artemis Crock and an emotionally damaged Jefferson Pierce to save them and put an end to the Bedlam Syndicate.

We are excited to see Artemis in her new uniform and we've always had a soft spot for Conner Kent! Who are you most excited to see and what are your thoughts on these synopses? Share your thoughts in the comments below and in the forum!

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