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Did last week’s triple episode release overwhelm you? You are not alone! Luckily, this week we only have one episode to tickle our cravings. And let me tell you, it’s a treat. A delectable, cheesy morsel of an episode--in the best way! As many fans guessed, this week covers Beast Boy’s attempts to start a public version of the Team. However, unlike all the guesses, they aren’t call the ‘Teen Titans’. No, instead, Beast Boy forms the Outsiders, and together they embark on a publicized attack by the Reach’s war-bugs. You all staying whelmed? Good, because it’s time to break this one down!

  1. Awakening: We start our episode deep in the Atlantic ocean, where a Reach ship suddenly awakens. I have so many questions, but most of all, I’m concerned. This doesn’t spell out anything good.
  2. Outsiders, assemble!: A few days later, Beast Boy calls in a meeting at the Watchtower. In attendance are the Team, as well as Superboy, Miss Martian, Aquaman and Tigress. He makes his case for a public team, in addition to a covert one. Miss Martian and Aquaman are unsure, but they’re unable to refute the media evidence Beast Boy provides them. At the end, Beast Boy leaves them no choice, letting them know they can either get on board, or get out of the way. HA. That eye-roll from Superboy is duly noted. Joining this public team will be Wonder Girl, Static, Geoforce, Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, and of course, Beast Boy. 
  3. A New Home: After the team is formed, Beast Boy shows everyone their new home base in Hollywood. Very swanky digs with all the latest technology and lots of room for expansion. Best of all, there’s enough room for every member that wants to live there; something Brion is very happy about. Forager, however, is another story. I feel you, little bug. I wouldn’t want to leave the Bioship either. Given that a cluster of teenagers should not be living unsupervised, Dr. Jace volunteers herself as a den mother. As she does that, I grit my teeth and await how bad this will eventually end up. I trust that woman less than I can throw her. 
  4. Attack of the Reach: In Brooklyn, Maine, the Reach ships start their attack. Miss Martian discovers the feed of a local girl and shares it with Beast Boy. Did anyone else die of laughter when the reporter claimed that Aquaman was dead? No, just me? I’ll carry on. With Aquaman needing backup, Garfield ignites the ‘Troub-alert’ to get the team in action. Amazing name. The team arrives on the scene and start to fight back against the Reach’s war bugs. Two more civillians (ones who oddly remind me of Fred and Velma from Scooby Doo…) start to livestream the fight, and soon everyone is watching it live. It’s super cute to see Harper house and the Taos Meta-Teens enjoying the show. What’s not-so-cute is seeing Jay and Joan, watching from the hospital. Are you okay, Joan? The fandom is crying for you. When the Reach bugs are apprehended, the three reporters gather and cheer for the success.
  5. Sleepover: Back at the Harper home, Artemis laments over Violet and Tara leaving the house. Violet and Tara express confusion, given how crowded the home had become, but Artemis insists that their presence will be missed. They decide to celebrate by having one last sleepover, with ice cream of course. 
  6. Feeling the Mode: Beast Boy is getting all the attention for saving the town from the reach, but he’s quick to correct the journalists, instead sharing the merit with the whole squad. Jaime, however, isn’t happy. The reach weren’t the ones piloting the war bugs, but rather Whisper A’Daire and her cohorts from Intergang. Their capture sets off an alert in the underwater Reach ship, so it’s safe to assume that the final battle has yet to continue. Not everyone is happy about the town being saved, however; the mayor insists the sheriff arrest the team, given they have no right to conduct ‘vigilante work’ without the appropriate permissions. Kaldur tries to temper the situation, but to no avail. Beast Boy and the team gracefully accept arrest… that is, until the Reach ship starts to attack them. Whisper implores the mayor call the Justice League, but he refuses, claiming that the US Air Force has it covered. Until they’re blown up. With the mayor still refusing to call the League, Beast Boy and the team escape their handcuffs and leap into action to save the town from being destroyed.
  7. Second Thoughts: A thunderstorm reigns on Star City, and Lian runs into her ‘Aunty Mouse’s’ room, looking for comfort. Artemis consoles her, and Tara flashes back to her own memories of being in her parents’ bed. Ouch. Another crash of thunder, and both Lian and Violet are whimpering and terrified. Artemis hands over Lian to Tara, who cuddles her while Artemis cuddles Violet. Please excuse me while I brush my teeth before I get a cavity from how sweet this is!
  8. We Are All Outsiders: Beast Boy and the team go inside the Reach ship, hoping to take it down from within. They enact the plan to safely crash-land the ship away from the town, hoping to cause as minimal damage as possible. The only downside? They were all inside when it crashed. But, because we’re not yet at the point in the season where YJ starts killing heroes, everyone is safe and relatively unharmed! With the town saved, the sheriff refuses to arrest the young heroes, much to the mayor’s dissatisfaction. Beast Boy makes a stand on the livestream, stating the new team’s purpose, and seeming very much like a leader. He dubs their new team ‘the Outsiders’. The media eats it all up, and as predicted, the livestreams and subsequent posts go viral. 
  9. Your Time Will Come: With the battle over, Artemis closes the stream and looks over Violet and Lian, who are both asleep. She asks Tara to put Lian to bed, while she takes care of Violet. When Lian is safely tucked in (with a Wonder Woman plush! We stan supportive female role models), Tara texts Deathstroke and lets him know that the Outsiders are really a part of the Team and the League. She awaits further orders, but none are given. Tara is not happy about that, at all. Anyone else concerned over how close she is to Lian? No? That’s fine, I’ll just worry over the littlest Harper’s safety in my own little corner.
  10. A Plan Unfolds: At the Batcave, the different team leaders go over the events that occured. We learn that La’gann and Aquaman raided the Reach ship shortly after it was discovered, and shut down Intergang’s operation. However, Whisper A’Daire escaped with three was buggs. Oracle was able to track them down to a black market auction, where the bugs were going to be sold. To ignite a bidding war, Whisper planned to show off the bugs’ power in Brooklyn. Aquaman threw the fight so Beast Boy and his team could demonstrate their abilities. While they didn’t expect the Reach ship to attack, the Outsiders handled the situation well. Aquaman wonders if they should include Beast Boy in their meetings, given that he is now the Outsiders’ leader, but Miss Martian insists that he has enough responsibilities to handle. Yeah, I predict this is going to go over real smooth in the future. 

We LOVED this episode, and hope that you all did too! Want to share your thoughts and reactions? We’d love to hear them! Leave a comment down below, in our forum, or reach out to us on Twitter!

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