Five Years Later: Season 2 Recap

Time jumps are some of our favorite storytelling devices. When Battlestar Galactica (the Sci-Fi remake) jumped ahead a couple of years, we got to spend time getting to rediscover our favorite characters and get introduced to a few new characters. Young Justice pulled the same storytelling device in season two that had us delighted and hungry to learn more about our favorite characters. After five years, we rejoin the team now under the leadership of Dick Grayson's Nightwing. Aqualad is nowhere to be seen and most shockingly, Miss Martian goes to Lagoon Boy and not Conner after a mission! These are the events in season 2 that stood out to us and will help you be prepared for season 3:

  • A Cliffhanger Revisited: At the end of season 1, we are told that the six members of the Justice League were off world for 16 hours where their actions (being controlled by Vandal Savage) are unknown. Over the five year time jump, the consequences of that event haven't really come to fruition until now. Adam Strange was conducting Zeta Tube testing when he was accidentally transported to the planet Rann. Rann is much more advanced with their Zeta Tubes and are able to travel much longer distances. After weeks of learning how to communicate with each other, Strange learns that the heroes of Earth are known on Rann and other planets in that distant part of the galaxy, as wanted galactic criminals. Only non-Justice League members could even attempt to go to Rann and discover why.
  • Krolotean Invasion: Before sending Superboy, Miss Martian, Adam Strange and Beast Boy to Rann, the team, now including Batgirl, Wondergirl and a few others, take on Lobo who has a contract to expose a Krolotean who has taken human form in the United Nations council. While Batgirl and Wondergirl are able to put up a good fight against Lobo, Lobo gets the upper-hand. Serendipitously, the contract is fulfilled and no loss of life is incurred. Additionally, the team is informed that the Kroloteans are on Earth pretending to be humans.
  • Multiple Counter Attacks: Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy and Adam Strange head to Rann while the entire Justice League along with the team are planning a coordinated attack on all Krolotean bases on Earth. Tim Drake, the new Robin, leads a team with Blue Beetle and Lagoon Boy to deal with a smaller Krolotean signature. It turns out to be the biggest base of operations for the Kroloteans and the three are able to repell the Kroloteans back to their Zeta Tubes. They are also able to save several of the captured humans and survivie the explosion the Kroloteans left in their wake. The entire Justice League arrives to help, only to see the three have successfully dealt with the situation.
  • Meanwhile on Rann: The Kroloteans have arrived at a secret base they have set up in the jungles of Rann. The away mission team, now helped by two Rann Scientists, discover the base and are flooded by the Kroloteans who are returning from Earth since the Justice League removed them. After Miss Martian is injured and recovers, Garr and Conner lay waste to much of the Krolotean ship. The initial invasion from the Kroloteans is turned back and Miss Martian and team return to Earth with the answers of what the six Justice League members did during their lost time.
  • Intergalactic Criminals: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern spent their lost time attacking other races in the galaxy spreading the powers they have and creating a reputation that Earth would be off limits to everyone. Because the six Leaguers have no memory of the event, they want to clear their names and put Earth in a different light than what Savage and the other villains made them do. The six accompanied by Icon as a legal defense lawyer, go to an intergalactic court to stand for their crimes and attempt to clear their name. While gone, the League's leadership is passed to Captain Atom and the team is charged with protecting Earth while the six are gone.
  • Kaldur the Betrayer: Aqualad had a busy time during the five-year break. He found out that his real father was Black Mantra, he lost the love of his life, and he joined the villains as the right hand of Black Mantra! Fans will remember, however, that he devised this plan to actually infiltrate the Light and discover their plans. Only Kid Flash, Nightwing and Artemis knew the truth. In fact, Kaldur fakes Artemis' death so that she can join him in deep undercover. She takes a charm from Zatanna that obstructs her identity and creates the persona of the Tigress. The team mourns Artemis' death not knowing she is alive and helping Kaldur infiltrate the Light.
  • The Real Invasion Begins: While most of the Krolotean's plans are disrupted, their competitor is revealed to be "The Reach", an alien civilization that created the beatles that Blue Beetle uses for his powers. They actually have an agreement with the Guardians of the Universe (Green Lantern Corps) that says they aren't allowed to visit another world unless invited. If they aren't invited, the Green Lantern Corp can arrive and kick them out. Through some fancy political maneuvering, the Reach are invited to stay by the ambassador of Earth/speaker of the United Nations. The League, knowing The Reach aren't there for what they say they are, keep a close eye on them but the long game begins and The Reach begins to sway political opinions to their cause.
  • Miss Martian Flexes Her Muscles: M'gann has been hinted to be the most powerful member of the team for a while. J'onn has even referred to her as the most powerful telepath he has ever encountered. When M'gann runs into Kaldur, not knowing he is a double agent, she intends to make him pay for killing Artemis. Artemis doesn't get there in time and M'gann shatters Kaldur's mind. Only when Artemis arrives and allows M'gann to link with her does M'gann realize what she's done. The former teammates retreat into their respective corners.
  • M'gann & Artemis Try to Fix Kaldur: When an opportunity arises to allow M'gann to be captured, she takes it and heads to Black Mantra's underwater sub where she can see how bad Kaldur's damage is. With Artemis/Tigress by her side, the trio are able to work together to begin to repair Kaldur's mind. It will take several episodes for this "Fix" to take hold!
  • Enter the War World: During the trial of the six Leaguers, it is revealed that "The Reach" are on Earth via an invitation from the United Nations. Mongol, the owner and operator of the near moon- sized death machine walks out of the trial and heads to his prized possession. He sets course for Earth to confront The Reach. Due to the vast dangers that War World presents, the Justice Legaue and the team have to intervene. The Reach has gone public saying they dont't have any weapons on Earth to help defend it (which is a lie) and the Justice League begins to battle on War World. After an insane fight with Mongol, the team is victorious but Blue Beetle turns on them with his now in-charge scarab controlling Jaime. In order to protect their investment, the Reach uses the weapons they do have on Earth to stop War World but public opinion turns against them for lying. Our heroes are trapped on War World in stasis pods and the key that runs War World is taken by Blue Beetle.
  • Kaldur is Healed, The Team is Rescued: After being put into a tight spot with Kaldur, Miss Martian and Artemis being on Black Mantra's submarine and behind enemy lines, it ends up being Artemis' sister (Cheshire) and father (Sportsmaster) who afford Miss Martian the opportunity to escape while keeping Kaldur and Tigress' undercover reputation intact. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor employs his team of runaways to break into War World and free the team which have been put into stasis there. Their success comes at the cost of learning who they are working for and the runaways quickly break ties with Lex Luthor.
  • A Final Summit: The Reach and The Light call a joint summit planned by Kaldur to discuss next steps due to the recent PR nightmare The Reach is facing with revealing weapons on Earth. The entire summit is actually very well coordinated by Kaldur and after faking his death along with Artemis' (again) the league gets the jump on both The Reach and The Light who turn on each other. The Light is fractured into two sects and Vandal Savage is even heard saying the Kaldur has done more damage to his plans than anyone else in the last 10,000 years. The Reach, broken, are required to leave Earth to be in accordance with their treaty. They don't want to leave defeated though and place 21 atmospheric disruption orbs around the planet. The team and League are able to stop all but one. The Speedsters are the only ones that can reverse the effect but Kid Flash (now active again) has to sacrifice himself to save the planet.

In the end, Kaldur is given leadership back of the team. Nightwing steps down and steps away for awhile and Miss Martian breaks up with Lagoon Boy and Conner and her seem close to becoming a couple again. Lex Luthor is promoted to United Nations ambassador and the six Leaguers who have returned innocent, tell the team that they will work out of the Watchtower alongside the Justice League!

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