For The One Who Almost Lost Everything CHAPTER 4

A/N: I turned Jump City (Teen Titans) into a place inside Dick's mind. Also, I've changed Raya, Raymond, and Zane into his red haired imaginary friends. In the New 52 series, Nightwing (Volume 3), they were Dick's friends and part of Haly's Circus. Except for the owl themed helmets, the trio's superhero costumes have influences from Slade, Robin, and Red X from the Teen Titans cartoon. The magic words, "get your cape on," is the theme song for the animated webseries on YouTube, DC Super Hero Girls. The elephant bags refer to Zitka, the circus elephant from Dick's childhood. Raya's line about being forgotten by Dick is based on what Jessie tells Woody in Toy Story 2. I don't know about Tim Drake's life in Young Justice so I used his pre-New 52 life.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Young Justice, the Young Justice wikia, DC comics, and the other fandoms that are referenced in the entire story.

The Team finally got a closer look at their attackers. The trio of redheads looked like they're around 9 years old and are as short as Garfield Logan and Billy Batson 6 years ago. Their costumes look exactly like Nightwing's costume except for the gray holographic computer gloves; gray utility belts; and a short black cape that reached the top of their thighs and had a gray interior. Each person also has an 'X' that's the same color as the design on each helmets. Each 'X' is featured on the backs and palms of the gloves as well as emblazoned on the chest. Each redhead is wearing a gray utility belt with 2 leg holsters. Gray body armor covers certain areas of their bodies: neck, collarbones, shoulders, thighs, knees, and the top and soles of the black boots.

"Wait a sec. Nightwing still has imaginary friends?" asked Robin. Those who already knew about Nightwing's past were just as confused as the others because Nightwing never mentioned he once had imaginary friends before.

"Who's Nightwing?" asked Raymond.

"The person whose mind we're in…" replied Robin.

"You mean Robin," replied Raymond.

"No. I'm Robin," said Robin.

Raya squints her eyes and walks towards Robin. Her eyes widened when it began to dawn on her. "Timmy? Is that you? You look older the last time we've met."

Robin's eyes widen in confusion and his body temperature rose. "I've never met you before and please don't call me Timmy," he stuttered because he can see Wonder Girl raised an eyebrow at him. She then giggles which made him blush. Superboy crosses his arms and raises his eyebrows at the secret couple in confusion.

"Look. Do you guys know how to find Nightwing or not?" asked Robin who pinched his temples.

"I think that maybe he's in the circus or Wayne Manor. We'll go to Wayne Manor first since it's closer. If he's not there, then we'll go to the circus," said Zane before he and the other redheads start walking. "Come on! It's a long way to the mansion."

At the same time, Aqualad secretly whispers to Miss Martian to telepathically link the Team but not the red-haired trio just in case. The Team catches up to the trio.

"I'm not sure we can trust them since they admitted to trying to blow us up," said a skeptical Lagoon Boy who turns to Miss Martian. "Can't you probe their minds, angelfish?"

Superboy clenches his fist and glares at Lagoon Boy.

"La'gaan, you know why I can't do that anymore," said Miss Martian. "Besides I can tell that they're truly sorry although-"

Raymond stops in his track to interrupt them when he notices that the Team's silence. "Ahem. Are guys having a psychic conversation? Because that's really cool and really rude..."

The Team looks at each other nervously before Miss Martian sighs and says, "We don't know whether we should trust you guys since you admitted to trying to blow us up earlier. Besides, I was telling the others that not only can I sense that your apology was real but that there's some bitterness and anger as well."

"We want to explain along the way but we only know who half of you guys are," answered Raya. "Do the others already know about his secret identity?"

"They were going to find out eventually," said Robin. "Miss Martian, can you link the redheads with the Team?"

"Can you hear me?" asked Miss Martian.

The trio was amazed by this and answered yes in unison. After The Team introduces themselves and their real names, the expanded search party resumes walking towards Wayne Manor.

"Now, you said something about trying to kill us earlier. Why?" asked Lagoon Boy.

"I'll tell the story since I was created first," says Raya. "Despite being friends with the lovely performers in Haly's Circus, Dick felt lonely from being in a circus that traveled around the world so he created me when he was 3. When he was 4, Raymond and Zane were created because he wanted more."

"You all have red hair..." commented Batgirl.

"Yeah like you, Roy, and Wally," answered Zane. "He had a thing for red hair for some reason."

Batgirl and Kid Flash briefly glanced at each other.

"His cousin, John Grayson, same name as Dick's dad by the way, told Dick that he was getting too old to have imaginary friends. He joked that we should be given to either a foster home for imaginary friends or to 4 year old Timmy who-"

"It's Tim, not Timmy," groaned Robin.

Raya sighed. "-Got an autograph and picture from Dick and his parents, like an hour before everything changed. A Gotham City mobster named Zucco tried to extort money from Mr. Haly, the circus owner. When Mr. Haly refused, Zucco secretly ordered his men to sabotage the circus rig and make it look like an accident. Dick's family died in that incident except his uncle who became paralyzed for life."

There were gasps from those who didn't know. "Tim was in the audience and so was billionaire Bruce Wayne."

"Robin, I'm so sorry," said a wide eyed Wonder Girl as she puts her hand on his shoulder.

"Mr. Wayne took Dick in and eventually, Dick became Robin after he found out that Bruce Wayne was Batman."

For those who didn't know about the Batfamily's identities, that revelation was more shocking than the fact that their leader saw his parents get killed.

"One of Dick's first missions was successfully taking down Zucco. Unfortunately, the hero life distracted him from me, Raymond, and Zane. One night, he appeared to us in his dream and give us superhero outfits so that we could have all these adventures together and not feel lonely. We can transition between our superhero outfits and standard civvies by saying these magic words."

The trio stops in their tracks and faces the Team. "Get your cape on!" they say in unison. Their entire bodies and clothes instantly turn into vibrant patterns that look like an up close view of the refraction of light through water droplets into rainbows. The rainbow pattern transformation lasts a few milliseconds, revealing each redhead in civvies. Miss Martian, Superboy, and Artemis notice that their civvies look like the old Daring Dangers disguises except that the color of each pattern corresponds with the color of the 'X.' Each redhead is also wearing a small shoulder bag that looks like a toy elephant. The trio repeats "get your cape on" and they're back in their superhero costumes. They put their owl themed helmets back on and the search party resumes walking.

"He even gave us and himself circus themed superpowers that are weaker when we're in civvies. We all have the powers of enhanced acrobatics, flight, and physically and telekinetically lift stuff 10 times our weight as well as 2 extra powers. I can turn inanimate objects and food into weapons or bring them to life. Raymond can manipulate fire and liquids, except fluids in a body. Zane can manipulate electricity and sounds. Dick can manipulate darkness and light energy. He created a whole new world called 'Jump City,' an ever expanding microcosm of the places he's been to and his experiences. The four of us continued to secretly and occasionally have adventures together until HE showed up." Raya bitterly points her finger at Kid Flash.

"Dick became friends with HIM and eventually other superheroes. Soon, we interacted even less as time went on. Jump City became darker and we wondered around unnoticed. That is, until the lightning strikes happened...Dick was m- our whole world... You never forget kids like Dick but they forget you..."

Wally tells the trio, "Guys. We didn't know. We're really are sorry for everything, especially me. I promise that we'll make sure Dick remembers you guys. It's the least I can do."

"We'll believe it when Dick accepts your apology," said a scowling Raya as a single tear rolled down her cheek. Robin felt awful because he now knew that his brother was once a happy kid. The search party comes across a bunch of color coded memory orbs. Raya comes across a faded yellow memory orb and picks it up. The orb shows Dick flexing and looking at himself at a floor mirror on his 19th birthday before putting on a tank top.

"Wow this is Dick Grayson now?" asked Raya.

"Yeah it is," replied Batgirl.

"Cousin John would be so jealous right now of Dick's height and good looks," said Raya who gave a sad smile.

"Don't forget his muscles and butt, Raya," said Zane in a mischievous tone while elbowing her because he wanted to cheer her up.

"Shut up, Zane," said Raya who gives a weak smile. Batgirl and Zatanna blush at the thought of Nightwing's sexy physique. Robin pouts because he's embarrassed by how his big brother being treated like a piece of smoking hot eye candy, especially when he notices that Wonder Girl was doing it too. Raymond magically makes an elephant shaped bag appear out of thin air and uses the trunk to suck up another orb like a vacuum cleaner.

"What? It's imaginary," he says to the Team members who are staring. He, Zane, and Raya do the same thing with a few other yellow orbs which symbolize joy. "We've been collecting happy memories we like into a bottomless bag for a long time before being forgotten. I think that if we give these to Dick, he'll be back to normal."

The search party walks for a few more minutes before finally reaching the gates. "We're here," said Robin. He opens the gates as the search party approaches the manor. Those who didn't know Batman's identity were dumbstruck by the sight. They continued to be in awe once inside where the lights were already turned on. Once everyone was inside, the doors suddenly shut themselves tight. Every entrance and window to the outside became metal. Everyone tries to blast and smash their way out with everything they got but nothing works.

"I don't get it. I know that none of this is real but it's not working!" complained Superboy.

"Same thing with my magic!" complained Zatanna after her magic energy blasts did no damage.

"Dick. We're here to help! Please stop this!" pleaded Kid Flash as he looks up to the ceiling. He then becomes suspicious and turns his attention to the red-haired trio. "Wait a sec. You guys set us up, didn't you?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Zane.

Kid Flash walks towards the trio and stares down at them. "You didn't kill us earlier so your new plan was to befriend us with your sad story and lure us here so you can kill us and yourselves because if you guys couldn't have Dick, then nobody can."

Artemis couldn't believe that accusation. "Wally, how could you say that? M'gaan already sensed that they're not blood thirsty monsters."

An enraged Raya magically takes out a sword from her back out of thin air and points it at Kid Flash. "You take that back right now, Kid Mouth! I may still be bitter about you taking Dick away from me but don't you dare accuse me, Raymond, or Zane of planning a mass murder-suicide!"

Aqualad gets in between them and yelled, "Knock it off you guys! This isn't getting us anywhere!" The 4 redheads glare at each other as they slowly back down.

Miss Martian, exasperated by the lack of progress being made, yelled as loud as she can. "Dick Grayson, where are you?!"

There's no answer. Beast Boy commented, "I don't mean this as a joke right now but you sound like Shaggy from Scooby Doo, sis." Suddenly a banner appears out of thin air above the staircase. The banner reads "Artemis this, Artemis that" in red paint.

"I don't get it. Why would Dick hate me when me, M'gaan, and Kaldur stood by him?" asked a slightly confused and scared Artemis. Suddenly Dick's old childish laughter echoes through the lobby, sending shivers down everyone's spines and making their blood run cold.

"Wh-what are you up to, Dick?! This isn't funny!" yelled Artemis.

"Not up to, Artemis. DOWN TO!" says an unrecognized voice as the lights turn off. Suddenly a giant black hole appears in the floor, sucking the search party in. They scream as they free fall before landing on a hard surface.

"Is this the Batcave?" asked Beast Boy.

'No. Looks like the cavern in Santa Prisca," answered Batgirl.

"Finally, it's about time you showed up because it was getting boring here. And no. This isn't the Batcave but the beginning of your nightmare," said the mysterious voice again in a sly tone and a slight Italian accent.

"Show yourself! Who are you and where's my brother?!" yelled Robin.

The figure steps out from a high place while chewing a toothpick. He was a Caucasian man with a lean face, high cheekbones, black hair, and a small gap between his incisors. He wore a dark blue suit with a white shirt and red tie, and a wide rimmed fedora. Kid Flash, Artemis, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Superboy, Batgirl, Robin, Rocket, Zatanna, and the red-haired trio were too shocked to move when they recognize him.

"No. It can't be," said Robin. The frozen heroes snap out of their shock and got into fighting position.

Blue Beetle asks Robin, "Who is he, hermano?"

"Zucco," answers Robin coldly while glaring at the figure.

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