For The One Who Almost Lost Everything CHAPTER 8

A/N: The dialogue with Robin, Wonder Girl, and Static is from what was cut from the season 2 finale. Artemis giving multiple quick slaps on Nightwing's face is from Archer Vice. Wally references the Kim Possible theme song. Nightwing's request to Artemis and Wally is from the ending of "Ancient History" (Justice League Unlimited). Other references include the Super Sons, Young Justice: Outsiders, Teen Titans, and DC Superhero Girls. Crispin Freeman, the voice of Arsenal and Red Arrow, can sing opera. Based on the order given, voice actors on the show who have sung in the past include Lacey Chabert, Alyson Stoner, Jason Spisak, Mae Whitman, Jason Marsden, and Khary Payton. The final song is Morgan Berry's English cover of Kouji Wada's "Butter-Fly~tri. Version~" (Digimon Adventure tri.). The magic #16 appears here. Moscow is also the place where the "Bedlam" clip (Young Justice: Outsiders) takes place.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Young Justice, the Young Justice wikia, DC comics, and the other fandoms that are referenced in the entire story.

Watchtower, July 4, a few hours before midnight

Cat Grant is reporting live from UN where a special Fourth of July celebration is being held as the Green Lanterns escort a Reach ship. Outside the Watchtower, Blue Beetle smiles as the escort passes by him. His scarab said to him, "The Green Lanterns escort the Reach to stand trial before the Guardians of the Universe, thus completing your triumph over those who sought to use you against your own world. It is over, Jaime Reyes."

Elsewhere, the atmosphere wasn't so joyful. Inside the ship, the Scientist tells the Ambassador and the unarmored Black Beetle that she should've been allowed to complete her research into the scarab problem, but they glare her into silence.

Superman, Batman, Black Canary, and Captain Atom were watching Cat Grant's report. When her report is over, G. Gordon Godfrey takes over.

"Sounds like someone's finally listening to old G. Gordon, The lone voice of reason, calling for the ouster of U.N. Secretary General Tseng after his disastrous collaboration with the Reach. Well, guess what, folks. Tseng finally resigned. You're welcome. Now, his successor has not yet been chosen, but I think we all know only one man qualifies. The man responsible for saving all our lives from the Reach's MFD's, Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Lex Luthor!"

"You have got to be kidding me," said Superman before turning off the broadcast in disgust.

"And on that note, I officially turn over my chairmanship of the League to you," said Captain Atom.

"Wow. Thanks so much," said Black Canary sarcastically.

Nearby, Aqualad and Nightwing are walking together. Aqualad was happy when Lagoon Boy told him that there is going to be a new member joining the Team because it meant additional help. However, he wasn't happy when he told him about Nightwing leaving.

"This is no time for you to resign," said a desperate Aqualad.

"I'm not resigning, just taking a leave of absence," replied Nightwing. "Besides, if you need help, Barbara's more than ready to step up."

"Agreed. But, Dick-"

"I need a break, Kaldur. I would never be able to live with myself if you and the others actually did die inside my head."

Aqualad sighed. "I understand."

"Don't worry, I promise to come back soon when I'm refreshed. Can't let you and Barbara handle the Team all by yourselves now that there's a new member. And who knows. Maybe the roster will change again when I'm away."

This leaves Aqualad to wonder who will join. "Maybe another magician or archer."

Memorial garden

"You look good," said Artemis as she and Wally approached Bart in his new costume. Bart is now the new Kid Flash after Wally gave the mantle to him.

"Thanks. And what about you guys?" replied the new Kid Flash.

"We're retired unless there's an emergency. There won't be any fake deaths any time soon," said Artemis.

Meanwhile, in a different part of the garden were Wonder Girl, Robin, and Virgil Hawkins.

"Welcome to the Team, Virgil," said Wonder Girl.

"Call me 'Static,'" replied the newest member.

"Catchy. So, what about your pals? I take it they declined our invitation?" asked Robin

"Well, Arsenal was always more of a solo act. And the others are getting out of the game. Neut went back to his foster family, and Eduardo moved in with his dad. Even Tye went home. I guess his mom's evil boyfriend is out of the picture."

"And Asami?" asked Wonder Girl.

"She's staying with Tye and his mom. Turns out she and Tye kinda had a thing. And none of us knew."

Wonder Girl and Robin are secretly hold hands behind their backs. "It happens," they said in unison.

Nearby are Superboy and Miss Martian. "Since when are Tim and Cassie a couple?" asks Superboy.

"Since the near death experience inside Nightwing's head. It was kind of a 'life is short' thing. It gave Cassie the courage to kiss him," replied Miss Martian.

"Well, that kind of courage-" said Superboy before Miss Martian finished the sentence for him.

"Can be hard to come by."

"Team, report to the mission room," said Aqualad over the intercom.

Mission room

The new Team assembles in the mission room. Static couldn't believe that he was already being given an assignment just after joining the Team. Facing the Team were Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Martian Manhunter, Captain Atom, Superman, Black Canary, Aquaman, the Flash, and Black Lightning.

"Having stopped the Reach invasion and broken the Light in half, the Team will now operate out of the Watchtower, side by side with the League. Not because Mount Justice was destroyed, but because you earned it," said Batman.

"And so, we'll leave you to it," added Black Canary before she and the other Leaguers walk away.

"This Team has had successes, but much remains to be done. Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, you're Alpha. B'arzz O'oomm has called from Mars. He needs help. Tigress, Kid Flash, Bumblebee, Guardian, you're Beta. LexCorp is bringing out the Reach soft drink under a new name. We need proof," said Aqualad.

"Business as usual," Nightwing said to himself as he watches everything from a distance before heading to the bathroom; then checking on Zatanna; and finally stopping by the memorial garden.

"The rest of you are Gamma and will investigate Batgirl's lead on Vandal Savage's next move," ordered Kaldur.

Memorial garden, 16 minutes later

"I eagerly await your return home, Master Dick," said Alfred on the holographic communicator.

"Me too, Alfred. Thank you, I'll see you in a few minutes," said Nightwing who was about to head for the Zeta-tubes when Batgirl arrived. With the Team already gone, she finally shows him her video of Robin and Wonder Girl talking and kissing for the first time. Nightwing smiled and thought about when he hugged Robin following the former's announcement that he was temporarily leaving the Team. Artemis and Wally arrive after Batgirl kisses Dick goodbye and leaves.

"Hey man...are you sure you don't want to stay at our place? It's the least we-I mean-I could do after everything that happened," said Wally guiltily.

Nightwing just smiled at them. "Nah. You two go ahead and enjoy yourselves. You both deserve it. Besides, I don't want to be around listening to you guys trying to make a baby."

Artemis immediately begins to pelt Nightwing's face with a quick flurry of slaps. "Ow. Ow. Artemis, quit it. Ow. Will you stop?" complained Nightwing before Artemis finishes with a larger slap.

"Ow," said Nightwing.

"Troll," said Artemis before the 3 friends laughed each other.

"Well, if you need anything, just call me beep if you wanna reach," joked Wally. The 3 friends chuckled before Nightwing said, "Well, there's one more thing I need from you and it's not another fake death. Just let me call Alfred because this might take a while."

While he and Alfred talked for several seconds. Artemis and Wally gulp and their heartbeats begin to increase because they thought that they might know what he wants. When Nightwing was done talking to Alfred, he turned his attention to the couple. Instead of looking angry, he smiled weakly and gestured for them to sit on the grass. He took a deep breath in and out before making the request.

"Tell me about Raya, Raymond, and Zane..."

Apokolips, July 5

It's been a little more than 2 week since the Warworld passed by Rimbor just as the formerly imprisoned Leaguers were walking down the street. Vandal Savage had declared via three holographic monitors to those on Rimbor and the whole galaxy that Earth off-limits to all incursion or invasion, and threatens those who breach Earth's security with retribution.

Savage, on board the Warworld, finally arrives at Apokolips where Darkseid was waiting for him. As Savage exits through a Boom tube, he walks past Desaad and G. Gordon Godfrey. When Savage reaches the end to meet with Darkseid, they both give each other a vigorous handshake.

"Business as usual," said Savage to Darkseid.

Apartment of the clone Roy Harper in Star City, July 6

During the time Nightwing was being fixed, Green Arrow, Artemis, and Wally helped Roy fix his apartment. After dinner, Dick could finally gave his account since Roy was never told about the incident in the Arctic. Green Arrow feared that if Roy knew, he would join the search party and be lost.

"Man I wish I could've seen your performance. Anyway, I'm sorry for what happened," said Roy who had been silent throughout the entire thing while holding Lian in his arms. Dick sighed.

"I could always just re-imagine them and it would be just like old times but..."-Dick briefly stared at Lian-"I'm not a kid anymore..."

"We all have to grow up at some point, Dick," replied Roy. "So where do you go from here?"

"Well, can you drive me to the airport tomorrow morning?" asked Dick. "I have a flight to Munich tomorrow where Mr. Haly will be giving a show this week. It's been so long since I've seen him. I'll be travelling across Eurasia for 16 days."


"Thank you and thanks for letting me see Lian by the way."

"You're welcome and thanks for helping me clean up this place and for babysitting Lian. I wanted Jade to watch her, but she's 'busy.'" Roy rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

"You know, Lian is going to need to know about her mom at some point," said Dick.

"I'll tell her when the time is right," said Roy nervously as he scratched his hair.

"Do you think that when she finds out, she'll want to become a hero? Maybe pass the mantle of Red Arrow or Speedy to her?" asked Dick.

"Let's not talk about that now. We'll see what happens when we reach that point, but right now, I finally have a purpose in life," said Roy who goes to the bathroom.

When he returned, he noticed that Dick was chuckling while holding Lian. "What's so funny?" asks Roy.

"It's just that idea of Lian becoming a superhero reminds me of when I talked with Tim the day after Artemis was 'killed.' You see, I tried to comfort him when he told me that he felt like a replacement. I told Tim that he was so much more than that because he took this gig far more seriously than when I was the Boy Wonder and that if he doesn't want to feel like a replacement, he should prove it and make Jason proud. We later joked that he might be replaced by a girl or even the biological son of Batman."

Roy started to laugh a little for the first time in a long time and shakes his head. "That's actually funny," he said. "The son of Batman. Pfft. Please. Like that'll ever happen."

"Which reminds me," said Dick. "Superman and Lois Lane, the reporter from the Daily Planet, have a thing for each other. If those two ever married and have a son, then Conner can give up his mantle and retire with Miss. M. Just think: the son of Batman and the son of Superman working together as the Super Sons and going on superhero adventures."

Despite Roy's skepticism, Dick continued to entertain him and Lian with his overactive imagination about what the Team would look like in the future. His suggestions included a replacement Batgirl, another archer, another magician, a human cyborg, an alien princess, a demon-human hybrid, and people with an activated meta-gene.

"What's next? A franchise aimed towards young girls, featuring DC characters in a superhero high school setting?" asked Roy, but Dick wasn't pay attention to Roy breaking the 4th wall because he was suddenly looking more solemn when he mentioned meta-humans. He was thinking about the meta-gene activities involving the Light, the Kroloteans, and the Reach. He tells Roy that this could lead to meta-human trafficking which would then evolve into a genetic arms race spanning the globe and even beyond.

"Ugh, if only there was some sort of oracle that could tell us the future," complained Roy.

"Hmm. Oracle. I like that name," said Dick. "Oracle..."

"Owacle," said Lian which made the 2 guys laugh.

"Get some sleep. I have to drive you to the airport early tomorrow morning," said Roy who takes Lian from Dick and carries her to her crib, but Lian is crying because she doesn't want to sleep.

"Let me try," said Dick who sings a lullaby before putting her in her crib and gently closing the door.

"Thanks...Jesse McCartney," whispered Roy, much to Dick's chagrin. "By the way, my voice actor, Crispin Freeman, can actually sing opera. In fact, I think the voice actors for Zatanna, Barbara, Wally, Cassie, Bart, Kaldur, and maybe a few more have sung outside the show."

Dick immediately begins to pelt Roy's face with a quick flurry of slaps. "Ow. Ow. Dick, quit it. Ow. Will you stop?" Roy whispered before Dick finishes with a larger slap.

"Ow," whispered Roy.

"Stop breaking the 4th wall! Besides, you can show me your opera skills in the morning," whispered Dick. He yawns and goes off to shower. After showering, Dick falls on the bed and thought about the future Team roster again.

"Maybe Roy is right. The son of Batman. I mean. Who would even be the mom?" Dick thought before finally falling asleep.

Warsaw, 16 hours after leaving Munich

The circus train was heading from Munich to Moscow, but had to stop in Warsaw, Poland for supplies and rest. Sixteen minutes after leaving Warsaw city limits, Dick played some special music. It made him daydream about about cotton candy trees; a magic minibus; a unified system of roller coasters that functions as a subway and looked like something that built by Phineas and Ferb; a giant crazy Kids Next Door style treehouse with a giant 'T' painted on it and a Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends style house at the base; and most of all, his imaginary friends...

Stay strong, my wings. Don't let me go.

I can make it. I'm not on my own.

Keep flying on through the day.

On my love!

(instrumental interlude)

If I could soar the sky for hours

just like a butterfly through flowers,

I'll come to see you

while I'm wearing a smile on my face.

Let go. Forget your worries.

Pack up, time to go, now let's hurry.

You know they're waiting,

and there's no time for fooling around.

So tell me, oh-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa.

If I could soar through the skies anymore.

Oh I don't know-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa

what tomorrow will bring.

Will I reach all of my dreams?

After the dream I'm lost and alone.

Quickly falling right through the unknown.

So I will fly and be free.

Escape this awful wasteland.

I will not worry!

Stay strong, my wings, don't let me go.

I can make it. I'm not on my own.

Keep flying on through the day.

On my love!

(instrumental interlude)

I can fly the sky with no doubts,

Just like when I spread my own wings out.

I'll keep my head up,

and I'll shout as I leave from the ground.

I'm singing to the beat,

I won't stop.

Gotta keep on,

Won't give up.

I'll come and see you.

Just know I am here for you now.

So tell me, oh-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa.

Will my voice echo throughout the whole town?

Oh I don't know-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa

what tomorrow will bring.

I am anticipating!

After the dream that felt wouldn't end,

now I'm back in my own world again.

But I'll be back. Sun or rain.

I will do my best and fight through the day!

Stay strong, my wings. Don't fail me now.

We can make it, we'll do it somehow.

Keep flying on through the day.

On my love!

(guitar soloing)

After the dream, I'm lost and alone.

Quickly falling right through the unknown.

So I will fly and be free.

Escape this awful wasteland.

I will not worry!

Stay strong, my wings. Don't let me go.

I can make it. I'm not on my own.

Keep flying on through the day.

Oh yeah!

After the dream that felt wouldn't end.

Now I'm back in my own world again.

But I'll be back. Sun or rain.

I will do my best and fight through the day!

Stay strong, my wings. Don't fail me now.

We can make it. We'll do it somehow.

Keep flying on through the day.

On my love!