Friday Surprise Drabbles

What’s this, two posts in one week? I know, I’m surprised too. But I did promise drabbles this week, so I shall deliver. I figured it would be a fitting holiday gift, whether you’re celebrating Passover, Easter, or national Bulldogs are Beautiful Day. Yes, the last one is a thing. So take a break from binging YJ this weekend to eat some matzah, search for some eggs, and tell a bulldog they’re beautiful. In that order.

I have three more drabbles for you this week, thank you all for being so patient! Slots are open for next week, so feel free to fill out a request form here. Any and all ideas are great and welcomed, so long as they’re in the YJ-verse.

Here are the summaries and links to this week’s entries:

Again, these were a blast to write, so I hope y’all enjoy them as much as I did! Have a wonderful holiday weekend again. And remember, always #keepbingingYJ

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