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Well friends, we’ve made it! The three episode season finale is finally upon us. I’m excited, are you? It’s incredibly thrilling knowing that we have a fourth season on the horizon, and provides a lot of relief. Sure, we’ll probably waiting a while for it, but I’m positive it’ll be worth the wait! On that note, let’s get down to business and start digging into the first episode of the final three. 

Garfield takes matters into his own hands and leads the Outsiders (and Victor) to follow his own lead on finding Violet. With Vic’s help, they come upon a props and costume warehouse in Goode World studios with an Apokoliptian tech signature. Granny is waiting for them, and Beast Boy and her engage in a wicked battle, winner-take-all. Meanwhile, Vic finally comes to terms with who he is, and ends up being the true MVP. He helps to rescue the Outsiders from Granny’s clutches before boom tubing to Violet’s location. Once he frees her from Granny’s control, she reverses the effects of the Anti-Life Equation and frees everyone. Is your head spinning yet? Let’s take it bit by bit!

  1. New Powers: Garfield leads Vic and the Outsiders on their own lead to try and find Violet. As it turns out, Vic reveals that he was able to get intel on Goode World studios as a result of some of his tech-abilities, namely, his tech reading abilities. Super cool to finally see Vic starting to take ownership of his powers! It truly feels well-earned. Vic’s lead brings them to a props and costume warehouse at Goode World studios. While it may look like an ordinary warehouse, Vic senses an Apokoliptian signature inside. Thus, the Outsiders (minus Ed) head down to investigate. What they don’t know, though, is that Granny is ready and waiting for them.
  2. A Chance at Rescue: Kid Flash does a quick recon but is unable to find anything out of the ordinary. Vic isn’t so sure, though. He feels something is off and uses his connection to the Apokoliptian tech to find a machine, making some ominous noises (as Kid Flash so kindly points out). Before he can examine it further, the Outsiders are sucked into Granny’s X-Pit. The X-Pit is incompatible with Jaime’s Scarab, so it shuts off and leaves Jaime fully vulnerable in the pit. Ed hears the Outsiders’ distress via comm link and attempts to teleport them out, but no dice. Granny pulls Garfield into the safety of a box and offers him a fair fight. The two of them, one on one. 
  3. Battle of the Trends: Throughout the episode, we see Lex Luthor following how Infinity Inc. is doing in comparison to the Outsiders. While the Outsiders are busy trying to rescue Halo, Infinity Inc.’s popularity has been steadily rising. Uh oh. 
  4. Garfield vs. Granny: I won’t lie, this battle is brutal. Garfield is able to throw in some killer hits, but watching Granny pummel him over and over again is hard to watch. Much credit to whoever’s idea it was to have Gar morph into granny-gorilla. I laugh every time I see it. Despite being knocked down repeatedly, Garfield refuses to back down.
  5. Discovering One’s True Self: Vic is able to go within his tech to escape the effects of the X-Pit. He finds the true source of Granny’s power, who starts attacking Vic. Vic struggles through the fight, up until he is impaled right through the chest. He soon realizes that he’s not dead, and none of it is real. He takes full control of his tech and uses his abilities to blast his opponent, dismantling the X-Pit and getting everyone out. 
  6. A Sudden Loss?: Granny is alarmed when the X-Pit is dismantled. She yells out for Overlord, but the Outsiders teach her a lesson of their own. Together, Vic and Jaime take out the Apokoliptian machine and sever Granny’s connection to Earth, zapping her off-world. Though the Outsiders urge him otherwise, Vic forgoes backup and uses a boom tube to follow her right to Violet’s location. 
  7. Vic to the Rescue: Vic arrives at the Orphanage just in time to see Earth Granny mesh with Apokolips Granny. Turns out, she was using the machine to keep herself separated into two different versions of herself. He spots Violet, still keeping everyone enslaved under the Anti-Life Equation. He shoots the blindfold off of her, releasing her from Granny’s control. Carefully, she ignites a rainbow aura to undo the effects of the Equation, releasing everyone from its power. Of course, Granny isn’t happy, but Violet traps her in a force field. 
  8. Life and Free Will: Together, Violet, Vic, Superman and Captain Atom attach Granny’s torture device, destroying it for good. The three Lanterns keep the explosion contained, and for the first time this episode, I can breathe again. Granny attempts one last attack, but it’s no use. In Violet’s own words, life and free will always trumps anti-life. You said it, Sis. With the battle won, Conner takes a moment and lives up to what they promised Vandal by telling Granny it was he who sent them there. 
  9. Aftermath: Happy endings for all! Or… not quite. Violet and Brion reunite, but things aren’t so great with Conner and M’gann. She asks where they are, but Conner isn’t sure. Granted, not the best time to be asking him this, M’gann. Superman and Captain Atom make plans to take all the captured meta-teens back to Earth. M’gann informs Forager that she has secure intel that her brother has returned home to Mars, and with Mantis’ arrest, he can return to New Genesis if he so chooses. Granny informs Darkseid of Vandal’s role in their defeat, and he does not look happy. 
  10. Cyborg Awakens: Back in the Premiere Building, the Outsiders lament their ‘loss’. Only, it’s not a loss, as Vic, Halo, and the remainder of the Heroes return to prove them otherwise. Vic is lavished with attention and given credit for the victory, and is offered a place on either the Outsiders or the Team. Conner warns him that he doesn’t have to make the choice now, but Vic remains confident. He embraces who he is and decides to join the Outsiders, naming himself ‘Cyborg’. Don’t mind me, I’m just quietly chanting ‘booyah’ over and over. 
  11. Happy Lex, What’s Next?: Infinity Inc. revels in their popularity. Even though the Heroes have defeated Granny, Lex seems confident that everything is going according to plan. With the reveal that Infinity Inc. is working for him, I remain apprehensive of what’s to come. 

Ready to move on? ‘Overwhelmed’ recap is coming up next!

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