Legion of Super-Heroes Members We'd Love to See in Young Justice: Phantoms

Ever since they were teased at the end of Young Justice: Outsiders, the Young Justice fandom has been nothing but excited when it comes to the inevitable debut of the Legion of Super-Heroes in Young Justice: Phantoms. Introduced in 1958, this team of futuristic heroes has been a staple in the DC multiverse for many years. Various comics, television appearances, and even their own respective animated series have set their status as staples in the world of DC. However, with a rotating roster of exciting and interesting characters, which ones are we the most keen on seeing the most in the upcoming fourth season? Today we delve into some of the most fascinating Legion of Super-Heroes members that we'd love to see appear in Young Justice: Phantoms!

Cosmic Boy:

Cosmic Boy, who's also known by Rokk Krinn, is one of the major founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and was the leader in nearly all incarnations of the team. Cosmic Boy's main superpower is super-magnetism, he can attract, repel, and manipulate metal objects of various sizes. The more metal is in an object, the easier it is for him to affect magnetically. As one of the major factors in the original line-up, it'd be more than exciting to see a new take on this master of magnetism in the fourth season!

Lightning Lad: 

Lightning Lad, whose real name is Garth Ranzz, is another founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who's abilities are nothing short of electrifying! Hot-headed and impulsive, Lightning Lad has the ability to generate electricity within his own body without causing harm to himself. He's able to use this self-made electricity in discharges in the form of potent "lightning bolts", and he can also allow himself to direct his electric powers internally to move at superhuman speed, with his top speed being around one-third the speed of light! Lightning Lad is such a staple amongst countless variations of the team that it'd be shocking not to see him pop up on the show in the near future!

Saturn Girl:

Saturn Girl, known as Imra Ardeen by her friends, is a super-talented telepath who rounds out the founding members of the team. The title of "Saturn Girl" refers to her homeworld of Titan, the biggest moon of Saturn. She's a gifted, highly-trained telepath who can create telepathic illusions and uses heightened senses in combat. Another major power of Saturn Girl is that she can control the minds of those who have been weakened in some capacity. Extremely intelligent and a very skilled superheroine, Saturn Girl would surely blow the minds of the viewers if she finally makes her debut in the upcoming fourth season!

Phantom Girl:

Phantom Girl, who's actually Tinya Wazzo, is a native of Bgztl, the fourth dimension parallel with Earth, and a loyal teammate to boot! Phantom Girl has the ability to turn intangible, and has demonstrated the ability to phase with almost split-second timing. She's also capable of phasing certain parts of her body selectively, and is immune to physical harm and most radiation such as energy blasts when in her intangible form. An intriguing addition to the ever-changing roster, the Legion of Super-Heroes is always bringing in new, colorful teammates and Phantom Girl certainly adds a special charm and a great deal of power to the table!

Shrinking Violet:

Salu Digby, whose superhero moniker is Shrinking Violet, is a native of the planet, Imsk. Those who originated from Imsk have the ability to change their sizes in a variety of ways. Digby could initially just shrink to microscopic sizes before she was ultimately given the ability to grow to massive heights courtesy of the Emerald Eye. Even when in her smaller form, Digby can still pack a punch with her enhanced strength that remains no matter what size she is. Heroines like Shrinking Violet display that size doesn't really matter when it comes to those who save the day!

Were there any Legionnaires that we missed? Which Legion of Super-Heroes members are you keen on seeing in Phantoms? Let us know in the comments down below!

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