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Still reeling from ‘Influence’? I warned ya, it’s a lot. However, we like the intensity of it all, so let’s continue right into ‘Leverage’!. Finally, the much-anticipated Suicide Squad episode. In this episode, the brand new Gamma Squad investigates a Super-Robot base in Russia. Because this is Young Justice and nothing can ever be easy, they get a little more than they bargained for. Especially when three escaped convicts come out to play. Feeling a little lost? Don’t worry, I got you covered. 

  1. Stuck in a Contract: The episode begins in the middle of a Space Trek shoot, where we learn that Granny is holding Garfield in repeating scenes over, and over again. Do his eyes look a little redder to you? I don’t blame him, the kid must be exhausted. He contemplates quitting the show, but the director reminds him that due to his contract with the studio, he’s stuck. Maybe angering Granny wasn’t the smartest idea.
  2. Aunty Mouse: Back at my favorite house, I mean, Star City, Artemis prepares to leave as Will and Lian eat dinner. Hilarious shenanigans ensure, as the toddler shows her ‘Aunty Mouse’ her chewed up food in her mouth. Brucely eats the spilled up food, and Will and Lian proceed to have a ‘gross out contest’. No, it’s fine, I’m not melted into a puddle of feelings or anything. Really. Also, I just have to give credit to the amazing Zehra Fazal for giving a very convincing toddler-voice to Lian over these three episodes. All my respect and appreciation! 
  3. Gamma Squad Rules: Beast Boy is the last to arrive to the Watchtower, after doing 52 takes for Space Trek. I feel your frustration, Dude. The newly minted Gamma Squad are to go on a covert mission (ha) to Russia in order to investigate a possible government-sponsored Meta-program. Brion is quick to scoff, positive that it will be the Russian equivalent of Bedlam, but Kaldur instructs him to keep an open mind, as it may be their equivalent to the MHYC in Taos. 
  4. Stick Around: Speaking of the MHYC in Taos, the Meta-Teens father in a Hall, awaiting instruction from Eduardo Dorado Sr. As one teen moves to leave, she’s stopped by Ed Jr., who explains how running away won’t solve anything. She ends up staying, and Both Eduardo’s (Sr. And Jr.) take turns explaining to the teens how they will proceed from this point. The important message is that they are welcome to stay as long as they’d like, will receive counseling from Megan and Dinah, and will also be given training to better control their powers. In a bit of a twist, the teens are also offered their own inhibitor collars if they choose. While the intentions are noble, I can already see the potential danger of collaring Metas. 
  5. Super Soldiers: Clad in snow-stealth, Gamma Squad arrives in Verhoyansk. They carefully navigate their way to investigate the base, and it’s truly a pleasure to see how efficiently they all work together after half a season of fumbles. We learn that the Russians are developing a type of super soldier called the ‘Rocket Red Brigade’. Essentially, trained combatants are (painfully) bonded with a giant metal suit; sort of like Iron Man, right? I kid, hold your rotten tomatoes. With this intel gathered, Artemis prepares the team for extraction. Brion, however, is not happy with doing nothing to stop the Brigade. Luckily for him, extraction is cut short when Beast Boy notices three very familiar faces: Black Manta, Captain Boomerang, and Monsieur Mallah. Their appearance is quite a surprise on Gamma, given that the three should be locked away in Belle Reve.
  6. Settling the Score: Gamma Squad quickly prevents the criminals from attacking the Russian base. The Russian soldiers realize they are under attack, and quickly prepare for combat. Meanwhile, Black Manta immediately recognizes Artemis in her Tigress getup and remarks that they still have a score to settle. Sure thing, Manta. Not like it was settled last season or anything. Gamma Squad and the escaped convicts engage in battle, with the Russian super-soldiers following suite. Captain Boomerang corners Halo, and his words seem to trigger something in them. Violet is rendered frozen as Captain Boomerang impales her in the chest, wiping the slate clean for how many episodes it’s been since Halo has been killed. It takes Violet a while to recover, and they are unable to conjure up a Boom Tube to help Gamma escape once the Super Soldiers find them out. 
  7. Peer Counseling: In a peer-circle with Ed Jr. as leader, the Meta-Teens express distaste at the inhibitor collar. Ed is able to explain to them how in one case (Newt’s case, to be exact), the inhibitor collar was extremely helpful in getting him back on the right track. Despite the story, Wendy remains adamant on not needing the collar. 
  8. Suicide Squad: Black Manta and his squad had since retreated, analyzing Gamma squad from afar to a very familiar voice. He reveals that the Justice League has a covert ops unit, which intrigues the voice quite a bit. He asks for an extraction, but is bid otherwise. Despite the odds, Black Manta and his team are forced to stay and fulfil the mission of eliminating the Rocket Red Brigade. Artemis attempt to convince the Super-Soldiers that they are not here to attack, but rather to prevent an attack. Proving her point, Black Manta and his team strike again. The Super-Soldiers are able to take out Black Manta and his team quite easily, which is terrifying if you think about it. They remain uncertain about the intentions of Gamma Squad, but thanks to Garfield’s reputation and Artemis’ quick thinking, they are able to convince the Soldiers to let them go.
  9. An Attempt of Control: At the MHYC, Dr. Eduardo Dorado Sr. leads Mist, Livewire, and Wendy in an attempt to control their powers. Livewire and Mist immediately show off, and Wendy harnesses her powers soon after. Things quickly go awry when Mist gets sucked into Wendy’s cyclones, one thing leads to another, and soon Wendy’s powers are out of control, sucking all the air out of the room. Ed Jr. is able to teleport her out of the room, reducing Wendy to a mess of tears once she realizes what she’d done.
  10. Secrets to Keep: Kaldur waits in Belle Reve to try and uncover the reason behind Black Manta, Captain Boomerang, and Monsieur Mallah’s escape. He gets his answer in the former warden, Amanda Waller. She reveals that the government has enlisted these villains in a ‘Suicide Squad’, in which they complete covert missions for them. She also holds a bargaining chip over Kaldur’s head: he doesn’t reveal the Suicide Squad, and she keeps quiet about the Justice League’s covert team. Though Beast Boy claims she’s bluffing, Kaldur accepts the deal. 
  11. Aftermath: In Dakota City, Hardware gives Dr. Jace her craved access to a laboratory. Yeah, I’m sure that’s going to work out well for everyone involved. Especially because not even two minutes later, we see her investigating a hair off the hairbrush she used on Violet back in ‘True Heroes’. Over back in Taos, the Meta-teens leave their peer counseling session, and we see that Wendy is wearing an inhibitor collar. Ouch. Garfield simmers in Brentwood, watching as his heroic selfie garners more and more fame. And then finally, in Star City, Artemis enjoys some ice cream with Lian as Will washes dishes. And then… Artemis has a very suggestive look on her face as she stares at Will. Uh oh. Yeah, we’re going to delve into that more in the next episode. Violet still seems pretty down after her encounter with Captain Boomerang, and we soon learn why. Back when they were Gabrielle, they accepted a bribe to let in the assassin who killed the King and Queen of Markovia. Looking on in horror at the realization, Violet declares that Brion, Tara, and the rest of the inhabitants of the Harper-Crock household can never know. 

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