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Well, we’ve finally reached the end. Twenty six episodes, one hiatus, lots of crying, screaming and cheering, and one finale to top it all off. It’s hard to believe that it’s finally over. Well, for now. We have a whole nother season to look forward to! I won’t get into the sap here (you can find it on my Twitter and Tumblr, though), but it’s truly been a pleasure to write these recaps for y’all. 

An action-packed finale! The Outsiders and Team join up to take down the trouble in Markovia. Brion murders his Uncle, and Tara is revealed to the team. Jefferson is elected to be the new leader of the Justice League. Slobo is squashed in a post-credits scene… did I miss anything? We’ll find out below!

  1. Jeff to the Rescue: Jefferson arrives at Dick and Barbara’s apartment, having heard about the coup in Markovia. Barbara explains how a win for the Outsiders will help improve the League’s public opinion, but a loss could severely damage it. This is why M’gann is leading Gamma squad through Markovian air space, having combined members of the Team and the Outsiders to prevent Dr. Eks from executing King Gregor’s loyal followers. Meanwhile, Beta squad (Artemis, Nightwing, Halo, Forager and Conner) prepares to boom tube straight to Markovburg to back up Alpha squad (Brion, Tara, Beast Boy and Vic) as they take the fight right to Bedlam. Oracle will coordinate all three squads while keeping the League and Batman’s team informed. 
  2. The Light’s Plan: Everything is in place on the Light’s end, and all players are prepared. Lex is positive that the Outsiders will fail, thus proving his media stance on them and swaying the public’s opinion back in his favor. He will implement the hero registry, which the members of Infinity Inc. will quickly join, rendering the League obsolete. In order to ensure a public failure, the Light plans to sacrifice Tara’s position as their mole and have her kill Beast Boy. 
  3. Attack on Markovburg: Beta Squad arrives on scene first, cornering Delamb. Vertigo stops them and allows Delamb to get away. He isn’t able to get far, for Alpha finds him and prepares an attack. Geoforce and Tara lead the attack, while Jeff calls on Cyborg for a different mission. During the scuffle, Beast Boy’s arm gets broken. Gamma squad was able to free the loyal subjects from Dr. Eks, and Nightwing musters up the strength to hit Vertigo with an escrima stick, knocking him out. He updates Gamma squad before Beta squad follows after Alpha. 
  4. Swerve of the Judas Contract: Geoforce is finally able to trap Delamb, seething with rage over the miseries he has caused him. Cameras are on him, and the stakes are high. He’s about to take him out for good, but Beast Boy pleads with him otherwise. This is when Deathstroke cuts in on Tara’s comm, urging her that now is the time to kill Beast Boy. Before she can, she is stopped by Artemis, who knew she was a mole the entire time. Geoforce is shocked at his sister’s betrayal, and I update my list as to the amount of ‘betrayals’ he has suffered this season. Tara ultimately chooses the new friends she’s made, and tears off her comm link. Cyborg uses this link to show Jeff who’s on the other end. Bus-ted. 
  5. Say Uncle: As Brion mulls over this latest betrayal, Ambassador Baazovi arrives. Delamb escapes from his confines, and the ambassador insists that Delamb must be stopped. Brion traps him once more before filling his body with hot lava (too soon?) and killing him. THis is all caught on camera, and the various heroes look on in shock. Conner and Nightwing tell Brion that he crossed a line, as they don’t kill. Meanwhile, the Ambassador insists that Brion is a hero, stirring up support from the Markovian public. With his goading, Brion decides to forgo his brother’s rule as king, and take over instead. He asks Halo and Tara to join him, but they both refuse. He orders all the heroes out of the country.
  6. Consequences: Many people are devastated from Brion’s sudden turn, Violet especially. Deathstroke and Lex recount the events of Markovia, with Lex insisting that everything is still going perfectly in his plan. However, that doesn’t quite seem to be the case. Black Lightning has taken the evidence of Lex working with Deathstroke and presents it to the UN. Lex Luthor insists that it’s all fake news, but Conner steps in and stands up as a Cadmus clone, created by Lex Luthor. Guys, Conner’s development this season is just amazing. I cheered when I watched him stand up for himself. Garth calls for an immediate vote of no confidence to remove Lex from his position. Dick and Barbara watch the aftermath from home, noting how Troia is the frontrunner to replace Lex. I sure hope she is. Additionally, Commissioner Gordon has reinstated the Bat-Signal. After Tara’s trial, she is released into the custody brother, Gregor, and will do community service by working with the Outsiders. Under the Ambassador’s insisting, Brion takes back Dr. Jace. Yeah, that loud, aggravating groan? That was me. 
  7. Another Influence: Vandal Savage informs the light that he and Darkseid have come to a new agreement as Darkseid continues his search for the Anti-Life Equation. It’s also revealed that the Ambassador (now known as Zviad), was partially responsible to Brion’s sudden turn. He was able to psychically manipulate Brion to follow his darkest impulses. Brion just really can’t seem to catch a break, huh?
  8. A New League: Nightwing has called a meeting with all active members of the League, the Outsiders, and the Team. Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Miss Martian step down from their roles as leaders, and Nightwing elects Jefferson to lead them fairly. Jefferson agrees, on the condition that there be no more secret teams. ‘Batman, Inc.’, will be folded back into the League. The Team will remain covert, as a place for new members to learn out of the spotlight, and the Outsiders will stay as-is. Speaking of the Outsiders, they have officially welcomed Tara, Forager and Superboy as members. M’gann is surprised at this development, and tries to return her ring to Conner. Instead, he admits that he is the one who needs forgiveness from her, and the two make up. Here’s hoping for a wedding next season! (I know I’m being naive, just let me have this.)
  9. Party at the Diner: A montage follows, showing the aftermath on some of the characters we’ve met. Wendy finally takes off her inhibitor collar, much to Ed’s delight. Vic stops the bullying on Cisco Ramon. Forager starts attending school as Forager and not Fred Bugg. Neither Violet not Brion seem too happy without the other, and Infinity Inc. has pledged their allegiance to Brion. At Bibbo’s diner, many of our treasures heroes just enjoy some time off with their loved ones. And then, at the very end… we get a glimpse at a ring. Could it be? Legion of Superheroes? Catch me excited for season four!

That’s all I have on Season 3, my friends! Well, recap-wise, that is. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of content to keep you all occupied until the arrival of Season 4. I hope you all have enjoyed this season as much as I have, and remember, we always want to hear your thoughts on our social media feeds! From us to you, stay whelmed, feel the aster, and let hope burn bright.

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