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Change My Mind: ‘Private Security is the Best Episode of Young Justice’

In addition to doing episode recaps, I’m pleased to announce that once a week yours truly will choose a subject in our dear YJ Universe and will thus rant about it. The point here is that I will feel very passionate about this topic: your goal is to try and change my mind. Have fun, and good luck! This week I want to discuss the newly released episode ‘Private Security’. When I say that I believe it is the best episode of the entire Young Justice series, I mean it. Throughout the entire episode, I was both grinning in giddy pleasure and feeling painful tugs of heartache. In the span of a week, I have probably watched that episode about 12 times. Twelve times, in seven days; I wish I were kidding.

If you haven’t seen the episode, go watch it. If you need a recap, here’s the gist: Dick Grayson involves the three Harper men in a quick mission to foil a metahuman trafficking gig in Star City, but not before Will enlists their help with his private security company. What seems like an easy enough job turns into chaos when Brick attempts to steal a shipment of Goode VR Goggles. In case that wasn’t entertaining enough, and it is, the subplot of the episode revolves around Zatanna seeing her father again.

Now, you could argue with me here. You could tell me, of course ‘Private Security’ is entertaining: it’s a filler episode. You are correct, this episode is the very definition of a filler episode. However, let me explain why ‘Private Security’ dominates not only every other filler, but also some significant heavy hitter, plot-focused episodes.

  • There’s an effortless mix of comedy and emotional moments: The writers of ‘Private Security’ deserve all the respect for this episode. It’s not easy to mix both comedy and heavy-hitting emotions in a twenty one minute episode. One minute, you’re laughing at Will and his fascination with clipboards, or Brion screaming a la Season One Superboy, and the next you’re clutching your heart when he brings up Dick using him as a replacement for Wally. By the end of the episode, you’re left smiling because all your emotional needs have been addressed.
  • Long standing questions are finally answered: Not every Young Justice episode has taken the time to answer some of the fans’ questions; in fact, many of them actually raise more questions. With seven years of ‘unseen footage’, there’s plenty to be asked. For years, fans have been asking about the situation between Zatanna and Dr. Fate. ‘Private Security’ finally gives us the answer; it may not have been the answer we wanted, but we got one nonetheless. Additionally, we finally see a glimpse of Dick mourning Wally, and how the Harper men interact with one another despite two of the three being the third’s clone. I don’t know about you, but I felt incredibly satisfied when I finally got some answers.
  • It brings up an issue, and then solves it: Something that I love in this episode is how by the end, the entire plot is neatly wrapped up like a present. We are introduced to an issue, and that issue is solved within 21 minutes of screentime. This is characteristic of a Young Justice filler episode, but what makes ‘Private Security’ unique is that each minute is spent building the world of this episode. Every subplot in this episode is carefully concocted and doesn’t leave any lingering questions. Additionally, each plot in the episode has a deep amount of heart, where you can tell that a lot of thought was put into it. Between Artemis telling Halo that it’s absolutely okay to wear a Hijab and Will affirming that Dick’s team needs him, no stone is left unturned. After finishing the episode, you’ll want to hit ‘replay’ just like I did, if only to put yourself back in a short reality where all problems are solved in a single episode.
  • Will’s character development: I could talk for hours about Will’s character. Seeing him so self-destructive and miserable during Season Two left me hurting, but opened a path for a massive amount of growth. Growth doesn’t even begin to cover the incredible transformation Will has gone through. He is now a single father, and loving it. I cackled every time he spoke about insurance or his SUV, because he is a massive dorky dad and I am completely here for it. No longer is he brooding and depressed over being a clone, but instead he has come to embrace it and speaks to his fellow Harpers with respect and self-assurance. Will Harper is the 2019 glow-up we all didn’t know that we needed, and I haven’t yet heard a single negative reaction about it.

Feel differently and want to prove me wrong? Hit the comments! I’d love to see what you guys think. Of course, if you rather, you can offer your own opinions in our forum!

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