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Change My Mind: Will and Artemis are not Getting Together

Happy Wednesday, readers! I’m back with another opinionated discourse regarding Young Justice. In case you haven’t yet caught on, one of my favorite things to do is overanalyze character interactions. By doing so, not only do I gain a better sense of character development and personality, but I also come up with potential theories for future episodes. This week’s piece will revolve around a hot topic I’ve seen continuously floating around social media: Will and Artemis’ relationship. Prior to Season 3, the coupling (dubbed Longshot) was little more than a ship that would likely never happen. However, this changed when a ‘leak’ came out on Reddit, confirming that the two would be dating. While many of those Reddit leaks were debunked, the topic still remained a hot subject for debate, especially as the episodes went on. Many fans are concerned that Will and

Artemis are going to end up together by season’s end. There have been little hints throughout the episodes that could foreshadow this relationship: for example, Will’s reaction to Lynn during ‘Home Fires’, and Jade telling Will to move on during ‘Exceptional Human Beings’. However, if you want my (overanalyzed) two cents, I don’t think the two will end up together. And I promise, my diehard shipping of Will and Jade only plays a minor part. Let’s get into it:

  1. Debunking the hints in the episodes: The biggest implications of Will and Artemis getting together lies in the episode tidbits I mentioned above. I’ll admit that at first, the scenes threw me off guard and I was concerned that these implications could mean a possible hookup for the two in the future. However, after rewatching all the episodes (over, and over, and over again…), I’m pretty confident in my assumption that the two won’t be getting together. Looking at Will’s conversation with Will, at first glance his reaction seems like he is secretly harboring feelings for Artemis. However, let’s take a look at Will’s character throughout previous seasons. When Will is put on the spot, he gets flustered; for example, when Artemis asked if he and Cheshire were dating, he reacts similarly to how he did with Lynn. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure his reaction was because he simply did not realize what his living situation could imply, and was freaked out as a result. Moving on to ‘Exceptional Human Beings’, I don’t think that Will’s character would allow him to move on from his (ex?)wife so quickly. I would actually be quite intrigued if Season 3 ended up paralleling Season 2, only this time having Will save Jade from herself, just as she saved him.
  2. Will and Artemis still have feelings for their former partners: Artemis literally keeps a picture of Wally on her bedside. I’m pretty sure that a girl who still wants to see her ceased boyfriend’s face when she wakes up is not in any position to move on. While we haven’t exactly seen Will longing for Jade prior to his conversation with her, it’s very clear that he still loves and wants her in his life. With both Artemis and Will still harboring feelings for Wally and Jade, I don’t think they’ll be running into each other’s arms anytime soon.
  3. At this point, them getting into a relationship would be uncomfortable: Do I really need to say much on this? Artemis is Will’s sister-in-law and the aunt to his daughter. The relationship between them is familial; anything more and it’s bordering on a seriously unwatchable relationship.
  4. Greg has already confirmed what the extent of their relationship is: If my theorizing and explanations aren’t enough, this alone should set your mind at ease. We all know that Greg is the master at answering ‘No Spoilers’ when he is asked about unaired content. Despite this, when asked about Will and Artemis’ relationship, he has answered that they are “housemates and family”, leaving it at that. If Will and Artemis would be getting into a relationship, he wouldn’t have answered.

So there you have it, friends. You can (probably) rest easy, knowing that Will and Artemis are (probably) not going to be a future couple on the show. Do you think otherwise? Want to break my RedCat shipping heart? Go right ahead and leave us a comment below or in the forum! We’d love to hear from you.

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