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Are you guys staying whelmed from ‘Into the Breach’? Good! Because it’s time to get ‘Overwhelmed’. See what I did there? I only have limited time to make these cheesy jokes, so I’m going to savor them. How do I begin to describe this episode? One giant painful stab in the heart? Quick moments of happiness followed by tears? Overwhelming (heh) joy at Conner’s growth and development? I think all of the above would suffice. Yeah, that works. 

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a time for love and friendship, right? Yeah, not in Young Justice. Will tries to shoot his shot with Artemis, but the sudden betrayal to Wally’s memory is too much for Artemis to handle. She insists that Zatanna help bring his ghost back so she can get closure on their relationship. Though Zatanna doesn’t want to, she reluctantly accepts. Meanwhile, Conner brings Forager to Geranium city to help him get through his dilemma of whether he wants to stay on Earth or return to New Genesis. Intrigued? Read on!

  1. News Report: On GBS news, Tod Donner recaps how the Justice League brought home the 316 rescued meta-teens. The Taos MHYC is beyond capacity with all the teens, but is making arrangements to expand and assist them. As the Light watches this broadcast, Lex announces that it’s time to put their plan into motion. Over at the Premiere Building, Violet plays dolls with Lian (who apparently knows Cheshire exists? I have questions. So many questions!) as Vic and Garfield watch the broadcast. Tod Donner continues his report by announcing Cyborg’s arrival as the newest Outsider and the impact he’s made by releasing footage of the two Granny’s merging together and insisting she is to blame for the meta-human trafficking. However, not everyone is buying Cyborg’s claims. Good World studios has denied these claims wholeheartedly, stating that Cyborg has manipulated the footage. 
  2. A Valentine’s Surprise: Also watching the broadcast, Will Harper. I think my favorite part about this scene are his expressions as he’s watching the news. It’s the little things, guys. Artemis returns home, surprised to see an elaborate dinner set up. Will has asked Violet to babysit Lian at the Premiere Building, so he and Artemis can have a Valentine’s day dinner and talk about their feelings. Yeah, if you need a barf bag, now’s a good time. They agree that they both have had feelings for each other, and proceed to kiss. It doesn’t last long, though. Artemis pulls away, insisting she can’t do this. She runs to her room, crying, and grabs the photo of her and Wally. She picks up her phone and dials, saying she needs to see the person on the other end. 
  3. A Tough Decision: Forager laments with Conner over his difficult choice: return to New Genesis, or remain on Earth with his new friends? Though he wants to stay on Earth, he’s troubled that he can only appear as Fred Bugg, and not Forager. Conner hopes to give him some insight and brings him to Geranium City. While the city appears normal at first, it’s actually a psychic illusion set up by Dubbilex. The real Geranium City is a safe haven for all the Cadmus genomorphs, Jim Harper, and Dr. Spence. This reveal was one of my favorite parts of the episode. It just really warmed my heart to see all the happy Genomorphs, and I finally made the connection from episode 4, where Roy said Jim was spending way too much time with his Geraniums. See, we all thought that Jim liked to garden. How wrong we were…
  4. Taking the Credit: Brion appears on GBS news, talking with Tod Donner about the success of the Outsiders. Blue Beetle texts Garfield, confused about why Brion is suddenly the leader and taking credit. Gar, bless his pure heart, doesn’t mind, so long as the good message gets out. Gregor meets with Tara and Brion, and they all have some good sibling-bonding. Gregor wants to use the good press to bring home Tara and Brion, as he’s trying to change the restrictions on meta-humans not being allowed in Markovia. While this is all cute and sweet, Tara leaves the conversation to text Deathstroke and inform him of the goings-on. 
  5. A Final Chance at Closure: Artemis meets with Zatanna, Raquel and M’gann under the willow tree from ‘Private Security’. She begs Zatanna to bring Wally’s ghost back so she can say goodbye and get some closure, but Zatanna is reluctant to do so. Artemis insists, so Zatanna finally relents and says she will send Artemis’ soul to Limbo so she can meet with Wally, but she has to leave by sunrise or she’ll be trapped there forever. Artemis agrees, and is thus sent. She meets with Wally, and thus all our hearts can finally start breaking. 
  6. Grandchildren: Back at the Premiere Building, Garfield entertains Lian by shifting into different animals. I’m glad Lian continued to be a beacon of absolute delight this season. Truly. The fun is cut short as Metron boom tubes into the room and quickly takes Vic, Violet and Lian with him. As Lian has a grand ole time floating through space, Metron expresses interest over his ‘grandchildren’, Vic and Violet, and how they have become key players in the galactic conflict. If only Darkseid doesn’t kill them. That’s not ominous at all, Metron. With the warning sent, he returns them to the Premiere Building. 
  7. A Spitfire Reunion: Artemis enjoys her time with Wally, and fans of the pairing are finally fed some great content. We get a taste of what their future might have looked like, both of them teaching at University, engaged, a little red-headed baby. But things aren’t as perfect as it seems. Zatanna and Wally keep reminding her that the sun is coming up, but Artemis couldn’t care less. She wants to stay with Wally. But he won’t let her throw her life away on a dream of what could have been. He convinces her to leave him and return to her own life so she can move on and be happy. I have to throw in a quick side note and say that the music in this episode was stellar. I got goosebumps every single time I watched Artemis leave Wally. With Spitfire shippers’ hearts broken everywhere, Artemis leaves with Zatanna, Raquel and M’gann. Raquel is surprised at Zatanna’s abilities, but Zatanna says she didn’t bring Wally back. M’gann created a psychic-playground for Artemis, and everything she experienced was of her own creation. ...Ouch. I really hope that never comes to light. 
  8. What Would Superman Do?: In Dubbilex’ chambers, Forager explains his dilemma to Dubbilex. Conner encourages him by telling him that the Genomorphs have found a place in the human world, but Dubbilex isn’t so quick to agree. He explains that they are segregated, and remain hidden from humans. He wants Conner to take a stronger role in representing the Cadmus creations. Forager takes in all this advice and decides to stay on Earth and join the Outsiders as himself. 
  9. All By (Him)self: Violet returns Lian to Star City, where Will is quietly washing dishes. Artemis enters shortly after, and she and Will conclude that their relationship is too weird to pursue. However, did I catch Will potentially feeling different? I don’t know, his look after Artemis left the room leads me to believe he might have been lying. I hope I’m wrong, and I never have to think about this relationship again. 
  10. A Coup in Markovia: With the help of Count Vertigo, Baron Delamb and Dr. Eks escape from prison. Together, they siege a coup on Markovia. With the Justice League barred from entering and helping, Gregor knows that it’s time for the Outsiders to shine. Next episode: battle of Markovia!

Need some tissues? Take a break, grab ‘em, and head on to our recap for the finale!

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