Predictions for the Young Justice Panel at DC Fandome

We’re getting closer than ever to DC Fandome! If you’ve been on the edge of your seat like us, you’ve probably been endlessly theorizing about what we can expect at the Young Justice panel. Without mincing words, it’s been a long two years with very little to go on other than a confirmed title and potential release year for Season 4. Just like you all, we’ve been scouring the internet and all those speculation videos, but after next Saturday, we won’t have to! While we don’t know what’ll actually happen during the panel, using previous years and hopeful speculation as guidance, we can take a few confident guesses as to what we might expect to see revealed!

Promotional images and poster for Young Justice: Phantoms

Just like you all, we are very surprised that we haven’t yet received so much as a hint of what to expect of Young Justice: Phantoms (outside of the Audioplay last year). Clearly, it’s going to be so incredible that they’re keeping everything under tight wraps! It wouldn’t be too crazy to assume that we might get a few images hinting as to what’s to come this season, in addition to a poster that’ll be used for promotional purposes. 

Exclusive clips

Who can forget the iconic clip we received a few months before Young Justice: Outsiders aired, in which Nightwing took down a Bedlam plant with Oracle’s assistance? Since we’re a little starved for content, and with no release date yet in sight, a clip or two would be very welcome to give us just a little taste of the season to come.

A full trailer

At this point in the game, if Phantoms is to air before 2022, we definitely expect to see a full trailer at Fandome. Getting a full trailer would be a perfect way to get a glimpse as to what our favorite heroes have been up to and to build hype for the new season, and honestly, we wouldn’t even be mad if that’s all we end up getting! 

An interview with  Brandon, Greg, and members of the Voice Cast

Aside from the Audioplay at Fandome last year, it’s not often that we get to see both the Showrunners and the Voice Cast together, talking about Young Justice. A full panel at Fandome would be the perfect way to get them all together and talking ever so vaguely about the new season without dropping any major spoilers. 

A release date

With 2021 slowly coming to a close, we definitely expect to get a release date for Young Justice: Phantoms. Even if they’re keeping the content of the season top-secret, finally putting out a release date is the very least we can ask for and hope to expect from the panel.

When it comes to Young Justice, there’s one thing we know for sure: expect the unexpected! As much as we love theorizing, there’s a very real possibility that we missed the mark and the panel at Fandome will show us something completely different. Honestly, as long as it’s Young Justice related, we can’t complain! DC Fandome will take place on Saturday, October 16th at 10AM PT, and will run for four hours. We don’t yet know when the Young Justice: Phantoms panel will be held, but the moment we do, we’ll let you all know!

What are some of your theories? Let us know in the comments below!

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