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Welcome back! What a wonderful way to welcome 2019! A new episode of DC Comic's Young Justice! This episode did NOT disappoint in any way and also cemented some fan favorite elements that we've been hoping for since season 1! Princes All was the first episode of three that started off the new season of "Young Justice Outsiders". For our recap, we will review just the first episode and create separate articles for the second and third episodes! Clearly there were some big elements that stood out! Here's what made the biggest impact on us:

  1. Picking Up Where We Left Off: Just as we saw in season 2, the first episode carries scenes from the final moments of the previous season. Superboy, Miss Martian and Beast Boy are named team Alpha and are already tasked with handling a crisis on Mars. Nightwing gracefully walks away to grieve for the loss of Kid Flash and try his hand at being a hero solo for a while.
  2. Two Years Later (July 4th 22:16 EEST): Markovburg Children's Hopspital, a young boy is lied to about his sister dying from not getting a heart transplant in time. She is taken to a secret lair where "Tar" is used to activate her dormant meta-gene. It's only twelve days later when we join the League on Rann. They are fighting off an invasion of Parademons and the little girl whose meta-gene was activated is dropped out of a spaceship where she seems to be uncontrollable. Black Lightning blasts her with his lightning not knowing who she was. Her heart condition makes her easier to kill with Lightning and Black Lightning is struck with grief that he killed a 14 year-old girl from Earth.
  3. Watchtower July 27th, 19:57 EDT: M'gann is in charge of the team. She is debriefing alpha and gamma teams. Aquaman, now filled by Kaldur, heads to a Justice League only meeting where M'gann is allowed to attend as team leader. Kaldur calls the meeting to order. Meta human gene trafficking is out of control and Wonder Woman can even now confirm its gone galaxy-wide. Even worse, Lex Luthor, Secretary General of the United Nations, continues to place sanctions on the League that hamstrings their abilities to act worldwide. Even humanitarian aide can't be given via the League. Because the United Nations has blocked most of what the League can do, Batman resigns from the League and takes many of the other League members with him. Kaldur is left in shock. He must release a statement to disown Batman's team. Arrowette, Batman, Robin, Spoiler, Katanna, Batwoman, Plastic Man, and Hardware all depart the League. Before walking out, Batman approaches Black Lightning and offers him a place on his new team. Black Lightning responds that he wants no part of "Batman Incorporated".
  4. Moscow July 28th, 03:03 MSK: Nightwing, along with Oracle (via remote), take down a meta-human trafficking ring and Dick is able to get a sample of the "Tar". This "Tar" is used by an underground organization called "Bedlam". The sample hints that the "Tar" is made solely in Markovia.
  5. Star City July 28th, 07:16 PDT: Dick visits Artemis in Star City where she lives with her nieice and her brother-in-law, "Will", aka the clone of Red Arrow. Dick is there to recruit Artemis to join him for his upcoming mission in Markovia to stop Bedlam and their meta-gene trafficking.
  6. Markovia King and Queen Killed: A rogue speedster rushes into the bedroom of the Markovian King and Queen where he kills the royal couple. The speedster is killed in his attempt to escape.
  7. Happy Harbor July 29th, 10:16 EDT: Dick heads to the home of Conner and M'gann. Conner is explaining to M'gann that with Superman off world so much, he is feeling pressure to fill in for Clark more and more and he is concerned he can't. Just then, Dick knocks on the door requesting Superboy to join him on his mission. Conner agrees to join but M'gann wishes he turned him down. She is running the team now and a lot of her team left with Batman. Conner says she can always count on him and then ... PROPOSES TO HER! SHE SAYS YES AND ALMOST A DECADE OF SHIPPING THEM TOGETHER PAYS OFF AND MAKES US SWOON WITH JOY!
  8. The Team is Formed: Superboy, Nightwing, Tigress, and Black Lightning head to Markovia. Black Lighting decides to join after some convincing on Nightwing's part.

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