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If you’re still sailing the Young Justice high from last week, hop right in my boat because the waves are a plenty. After the intensity of last week’s episodes, we get a nice little refresher with ‘Private Security’. This episode executes a short mission featuring the Harper men, while giving us a sneak peak into the lives of Zatanna, Dr. Fate, Brion and Halo. It’s been a long time since we’ve been treated to a fun episode as funny as this one, while still hitting a few sentimental notes. Make sure you have your finger on the ‘replay’ button because you’re going to want to watch this one a few times. Here’s the rundown:

  1. A Home For Strays: We start the episode with a little insight into the Harper and Supermartian homes, where Halo and Brion have been taken in. Neither homes are particularly excited about this development; the only person who doesn’t seem to be bothered is Lian. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that morning glimpses in the Harper household are far too cute for their own good. Unlike Halo and Brion, Dr. Helga Jace has been put up at a hotel and is looked out for by Jefferson. Bottom line: Nightwing’s of no use, and the benefactors are left to deal with these guests on their own.
  2. It’s a Harper Family Reunion: Dick, Roy, and Jim show up at Will’s job, a Private Security company. Dick needs Will’s help on a mission to bust a trafficking ring in Star City, but Will counters with another course of action. Due to a nasty epidemic of food poisoning within the company, Will needs their help to work a gig transporting a shipment of Goode VR Goggles. The highlight of this interaction is a glorious shot of the four in rent-a-cop uniforms, piling into Will’s van.
  3. A Short Visit: Artemis and Halo embark on an ‘appointment’. During the walk, Artemis tries to get Halo to remember about her life to no success. Under a willow tree, they meet with Dr. Fate, who scans Halo and reveals that she is an old soul, trapped in a young body. Before we can dwell on that too much, Zatanna joins the group, and we learn that every year Dr. Fate allows her to spend one hour with her father. Enjoy those tears, y’all.
  4. Broad Daylight: We get a bit more information about the popularity of the Goode VR goggles. According to Roy, they’re top of the line and cost a pretty penny to own. In the previous scene, we saw people running around with them on, so the popularity is not exaggerated. The interactions between the three members of the Harper clan is everything you could ever ask for after learning there were three of them. Will tries to bring up the topic of his houseguest to Dick, but Dick brushes off his concerns. Just when everything with the shipment is looking smooth, Season one villain Brick turns up to disrupt the shipment.
  5. Brunch Pals: Jefferson Pierce treats Dr. Jace to the best brunch Metropolis has to offer: a hotdog. We get a little more insight about her role in the Bedlam organization, namely how she was coerced into participating and maintained the impression that she could look out for the children. We all see how well that worked out, but at least she’s exhibiting some remorse. Dr. Jace worries about Halo and Brion, claiming that she feels responsible because they feel like her children. Time will tell if this sentiment is genuine and not just a clever ruse.
  6. Connor the Mechanic: If Connor wasn’t already soft enough this season, he also works as a mechanic. His conversation with the short-tempered Brion couldn’t be more patient and it seems to be hinting towards a possible mentorship. It’s nice to see how much he’s grown over the past few seasons.
  7. Bye Daddy: While Zatanna spends time with her father, Artemis keeps questioning Halo. Halo is starting to remember more about what happened to her, but keeps quiet and insists she remembers nothing. Before Artemis can question further, Zatanna and Giovanni’s time is up. If your heart didn’t break while watching Zatanna beg her father not to put the helmet on and then collapsing on the ground in tears when he didn’t, then you’re a stronger person than I’ll ever be.
  8. Brick Breaker: In one of the most entertaining showdowns of the series, the Harper/Grayson team are attacked by Brick and his cohorts who try to steal the Goode VR Goggle shipment. Come for the action, stay for the entertaining dialogue showcasing the three personalities of the Harper men. In between the comedic banter, we get our first real glimpse at Dick’s mourning over Wally’s ceasing when Will calls him out on his irresponsibility towards Halo, Brion and Jace. Despite the comedy, it’s a beautiful callback to the relationship that Will, Dick, Wally and Kaldur shared prior to the team being formed. Once Brick is silenced via a flashlight-clipboard-hand to hand combat attack, Dick admits that Will is right and promises to make it right with everyone.

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