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Holy Moly, y’all, I was not prepared for this episode. Each episode this week has hit a home run, and this one is no outsider. See what I did there? In a desperate attempt to find Tara, Brion concocts a hastily contrived rescue mission followed by Halo and Forager. Together they poorly infiltrate Infinity Island, the base of the Shadows, and ultimately fail. However, the episode concludes in a shocking reveal that you definitely won’t see coming. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Funny Monkey Murder: In Al-Qawiyah, Jaquar Marlo leaves a club while using the VR goggles, only to be accosted by Black Spider. Just when Jaquar thinks he’s avoided the assassination, he is crushed by an enormous boulder. We only get a distant glance at his assassin, but could this be our first look at Terra?
  2. Oracle Revealed: Ever since we’ve heard Oracle’s voice in Episode One, we’ve all been dying to see the face behind the computer. In our second scene of the episode, we finally get confirmation that Barbara Gordon is Oracle, and in a wheelchair. The subtlety of this reveal conjoins with the humor of her also playing on the Goode Goggles. Anyone else starting to get concerned over these Goode Goggles? The amount they’ve been shown so far is giving me the worries. Before we can wrap our minds around Barbara’s reveal, we get another one! After much speculation, Dick and Barbara are finally revealed as a couple when he surprises her at home and then they kiss. Though the mystery of why he’s hiding her is yet to be revealed.
  3. An Apple a Day: We go back to Happy Harbor, where Halo is justifiably fangirling over the apples Brion has introduced her to. I feel you, girl. Wait until Artemis and Will take you to Star City’s equivalent of Whole Foods. The Happy Harbor gang has no idea where to put Forager, given that the Harper/Crock and Kent/M’orzz households are filled to capacity. Jefferson pulls up Dr. Jace via video chat to check in on Brion and Halo, but Brion is having none of her concerns. Instead, he wants to find Tara. Despite orders not to, he enlists Halo and Forager’s help in infiltrating Infinity Island in order to rescue his sister.
  4. Mission Impossible: With Halo’s help, Sphere transports them all to Infinity Island. They’re on the lookout for hordes of assassins, but there’s nobody there. The only person they encounter is Sensei. Brion has no patience for pithy conversation, and instead attacks Sensei. Not such a great idea, considering that he still hasn’t gained full control of his abilities and is motivated by rage. Sound familiar, anyone? Before the attack can proceed any further, Sensei captures Halo and snaps her neck to serve as consequence for Brion and Forager’s attack. They are chipped and locked up, having to stare at Halo’s dead body. No worries though, Halo isn’t out for commission long and resurrects herself.
  5. The Shookening: The three of them and Sphere don’t stay trapped for long, given that the Happy Harbor gang comes to break them out. Of course Sensei and his two assassins won’t let them escape so easily, and a battle ensues. In an interesting twist, Ra’s Al Ghul stops the attack and tells the heroes they are free to go. He claims he is no longer leader of the Shadows, nor is he in the light. Brion insists that he’s lying, but Nightwing assures him otherwise, as Ra’s isn’t one to lie. We get a bit of clever banter in which Artemis asks if either her sister or father are the ones leading the League of Shadows, but Ra’s denies it all. Here’s where you hold your breath, people. After the heroes leave, a figure steps out of the shadows, holding a baby. Based on inference, we can boldly assume that this is Talia Al Ghul and Damian Wayne! Before we can even recover from this shock, a masked assassin utters ‘Grayson’, and Ra’s chuckles that his memory is finally coming back. JASON TODD, IS THAT YOU?
  6. Outsiders, Assemble!: On their way back to Happy Harbor, Dick scolds Brion, Halo and Forager in a rant that sounds eerily like one we’ve seen in the episode ‘Fireworks’. M’Gann is quick to point this out, to which Dick sighs that he hates being a grown up. Same, Dick. Brion, Halo and Forager reject the notion of joining the official team, and instead decide to form their own team: the Outsiders. Roll credits. Artemis tells Halo that they’ve discovered her real identity, and Halo flashes back to memories in which she was discriminated against for being a Quraci refugee. She refuses to be acknowledged as such, and instead wishes to go by Violet.

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