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By Neptune’s Kaldur’s beard! We get the last episode in this arc, and many things are wrapped up, but without a doubt there are many questions still unanswered. [Obligatory spoiler warning goes here.] If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you should go ahead and dive in!

The episode opens on King Orin and M’Gann interrogating the clone of Orm, and trying to help him realize that he is in fact a clone. After the intro, we jump ahead a month to Xebel where the leaders of Atlantis discuss what to do about the civil unrest surrounding Arion’s arrival. Nereus and Orin almost come to blows before Mera steps in and focuses on the prophecy once again, but the crown is still unaccounted for. We cut back to the team searching for the crown, and we get our first true look at the Kaldur beard we have all been waiting for.

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The search has taken Kaldur’s team deep enough to begin combatting both thermal vents of lava and creatures in the depths. After running off an enormous crablike creature through La’gaan's quick thinking, it is revealed that the group must go deeper still. They find themselves in Atlantis' original capital, and their magic begins to flare up as they draw closer to the crown. The group uses this draw of magic to find the crown of Arion to bring back to complete the prophecy, only to draw forth another leviathan in the deep. With their combined efforts, and efficiency of working together for weeks, the team manages to use the leviathan to more quickly escape the ruins, and head towards Posiedonis.

We find the delegates of Atlantis are called together to address the civil unrest, but the conversation is soon turned towards a vote for the High King of Atlantis. Arion arrives as the idea of the vote is mentioned. We cut back to the prison where Orm opens his mind to M’gann and we see the earliest true memories of Orm’s clone. After removing Psimon’s touch we learn that “both subjects” have received Ocean Master’s psiback, and the big reveal that Arion is also a clone with Orm’s mind implanted into him. We cut back to the delegates voting in majority favor to appoint Arion as High King of Atlantis to seemingly fulfill the prophecy and quell the civil unrest.

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Arion begins to address the people of Atlantis as their new High King while the team arrives with the crown. M’gann shares the new found information that Arion is a clone, but Orin is powerless to stop him at this point as it would likely accomplish nothing by outing him. Arion pulls the crown from Kaldur to himself, and places it on his head to fulfill the prophecy, but is instead ripped apart and completely destroyed by its power. The power flies from the crown and back to the Lords of Order. Mera picks up the crown, and claims that Orin is the true High King, only to have Orin claim the same of Mera. She fulfills the prophecy and is unanimously voted as the new High King of Atlantis!

Orin and Kaldur are discussing what is next, and we get one of the best lines of the episode “If the league can include four Green Lanterns and two Flashes, I believe it can embrace two Aquamen.” Kaldur also states that he will finally take a much needed leave of absence. We cut to Vandal and Dr. Fate quickly discussing what happened in Atlantis, where we see Vandal truly angry, a sight that does not bode well. We see Orm being released from Psimon’s meddling, released from prison, and set free to become the man and brother he wants to be. Our final scene is Conner sitting and thinking about his past while the time traveling bus passes by, and Lex appears with the word’s “Red Sun.”

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Well, there we have it, the wrap of the Atlantis arc. The prophecy fulfilled, the beards in full growth, and we have jumped ahead another month. It is hard not to feel like things moved too quickly in this episode, as that is a fairly common feeling we have when watching Young Justice, because we always want more of this amazing show. That said, it did feel like a rush to the finish line for this story. We love the choice of Mera as the new High King of Atlantis, but it felt like there could have been more of a lead into that role. We couldn’t be happier for Kaldur to finally take the rest he so deserves after years of needing it, but could there have been more that led him to that decision, as it felt like he came to it so quickly on his own without any triggering moment or self-reflection. 

That being said, we would like to take a moment to commend Khary Payton, the writer of this episode. It was a fantastic first foray into animation writing and we think he did a great job. While we would have loved an extra episode to help the pacing, this finale was a fantastic episode that helped conclude the Atlantis arc while still pushing the overall story ever forward. We are absolutely terrified of what an unhinged Vandal may look like and the lengths he is willing to go to continue his plans. It is very unclear as to whether or not Conner will ever see the light of day again, but we are hopeful that the Team will find their way to him and bring him back.

Also, can we talk about who that fourth Green Lantern is? Kyle? Jessica? Simon? Jade? We have no idea and are eagerly waiting to find out.

Will Vandal escalate or take his time? Will Conner get onto the magic school bus and head home? Is Wally alive or dead!? Let us know in the comments, the forum, or on our Twitter!

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