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When Young Justice returned, it returned in a big way! The first three episodes debuted all at once and what used to be 30-minute missions now feels like an hour and 30 minute mission. Of course, we need to put up the spoiler warning as this episode recap follows the first episode recap so if you haven't seen or read Princes All Recap or watched Royal We, then wait to continue reading this recap. That said, "We're back at the United Nations Meta-Human Summit" which further illustrated the issues the Justice League is facing with Lex Luthor in charge. Here's what also stood out to us:

  1. Welcome to Markovia: With the coronation ceremony to name a new king for Markovia, Dick pulls a James Bond and gets himself and Artemis invited to the pre-coronation reception. While there, they begin investigating Dr. Simon Ecks. Meanwhile, Conner and Jefferson take Sphere and set up their gear and equipment for the mission to bring down Bedlam.
  2. Markovburg Children's Hospital: Jefferson and Conner head to the hospital to see why a simple hospital is using so much energy. Jefferson uses his abilities to discover where the power is being pushed to and the duo discover the secret underground meta-human trafficking lair. They set up their surveillance devices but a shielding mechanism stops the transmission. Conner discovers a murdered mother-box from New Genesis right before Plasmus attacks.
  3. Artemis Engages: When Artemis went to go get her gear, she stumbles upon a grave site where three henchmen are burying dead teens that failed the meta-gene activation procedure. One of them actually isn't dead and her meta-gene becomes active. She begins to glow and Artemis is able to see her. She takes on the three henchmen and escapes with the girl.
  4. Black Lightning Escapes, Superboy is Captured: Plasmus gets his hands around Conner in a last minute escape. He is pulled back to the underground lair. Count Vertigo unmasks him and realizes it is Superboy. Meanwhile Brion is brought to the children's morgue where he is seeking to have his meta-gene activated. Dr. Ecks thinks he has the prince on his side but Vertigo stops Brion's outrage. Vertigo demands that Brion be put in the pod where the "Tar" will work its magic.
  5. Geo-Force is Born: Dr. Jace, per her instructions, gives the tar to Brion and the tank begins to fill. The three henchmen return to inform Vertigo that the "dead girl" escaped with help. Vertigo makes a phone call to a an unknown source informing them of the issues he now faces.

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