Season 3 Tie-in Comic Review Pt 2

Part two of the exclusive two part companion comic book came out today, actually just minutes ago, and we got to see a wrap up of a very important story with Alpha squad. Fans will delight knowning that the show returns to a season 1 favorite, the "Hello Megan" show but this time, the actors are our heroes! M'gann has been trapped by her own insecurities and Psimon was able to put her there with almost no effort. To get free, Conner and Gar will have to work together to figure out what is keeping M'gann in her "safe place". Will Batgirl get the jump on Psimon? Can the trio of heroes escape M'gann's mind? Read chapter 2 of the DC Universe exclusive today and tomorrow, return for the debut of season 3!

Let us know what you think of the tie-in comic and where it left our heroes in the comments below and in the forum!

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