Season 4 Episode 5 Preview Images

Still reeling from "Involuntary"? Hard same on our end. But, to slightly take the edge off, we have nine preview images from Episode 5! For those that predicted an Artemis arc, looks like you get your wish. We get plenty of shots of her, and some cool action sequences too. If you were missing the action during the Mars arc, looks like there's plenty to make up for it now. Though, really, it's Artemis, so did we really think we'd be let down on that end? Catch the full gallery below: 

What do you guys think? Scared, like we are? Screaming in delight to see Arsenal, Arrowette and Cheshire again? Let us know in the comments, on our forum, or on Twitter! Make sure you're following us to get all the news and updates on Young Justice: Phantoms.
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