Season 4 Plotlines We're Excited For

Hey Babe, miss me? Ha, I kid. After some well-deserved rest, I’m back and ready with another Young Justice piece for Whelmed Wednesday. What a final few episodes, right? Between Vic joining the good fight, Artemis and Wally’s ‘reunion’, and Brion switching sides, most everyone was waiting on the edges of their seats. With that in mind, now we begin the long, arduous journey of waiting for Season 4. Have no fear, though. If there is anything Young Justice Fans are good at, it’s waiting. (It wouldn’t be Young Justice without a hiatus, am I right?)

How does one fill up a hiatus, you may ask? Well, for a start, theorizing about Season 4 plots always works! Season 3 was a very plot-heavy season, with many dangling bits and threads to get us excited for Season 4. Here’s our top picks of what we’re looking forward to, in no particular order:

  1. What’s Jade Up To?: Call me biased all you want, but I wasn’t the only fan to notice her absence in the latter half of Season 3. I’ve already analyzed how she may have more going on than what we’ve been shown, and was surprised to see that the mystery wasn’t brought up again. Even more curious, apparently Lian knows about her mother’s identity as Cheshire? Thus, I’m led to believe that it will be explained in Season 4. Will our favorite Murder Mom (credit to Emily Buza for coining the perfect term) get a redemption arc? Or has she truly left her family for a life of crime? I, for one, cannot wait to find out. 
  2. Red Hooded Ninja: I know, this is a big one. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed that the Red Hooded Ninja is Jason Todd, I feel pretty comfortable making that assumption. After his and Damian’s appearances were teased in ‘Rescue Op’, a huge portion of the fandom lies eagerly in wait to see how their storylines will play out. Given that our very own Brandon Vietti directed ‘Under the Red Hood’, I think Jason’s storyline is in very good hands. 
  3. More Character Development: As mentioned above, Season 3 was a very plot heavy season. It was also very character heavy, which left little time to dig deep into serious character development. According to Greg and Brandon, Season 4 will return to focusing on the core team, which could be amazing for their development. I would love to see more of Kaldur and Wyynde’s relationship, and how Artemis is mentoring the younger Team members. Dick’s plotline could involve him finding out about Jason Todd, and Conner and M’gann still have a wedding to prepare for! Fingers crossed that the time-skip won’t be too monumental so we’ll get to see our core team grow and develop as young adults. 
  4. The Nuclear Option: While nobody wants the Nuclear Option to happen, it’s a little like Chekov’s Gun. It’s been mentioned, thus, something has to happen with it. Are the little tots going to be in danger come Season 4? Do I need to start worrying (even more) about the safety of Lian Harper? Let’s hope we won’t regret waiting to find out. 
  5. Mother and Fatherbox: What’s going to happen with Halo and Cyborg? After Metron’s conversation with them, we’re pretty sure they won’t be leaving the main picture any time soon. Seems like they’ll continue to have important roles to play in the coming season(s). I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more cute Violet moments, as well as the continuing of the budding Garfield and Vic friendship. If I focus on the happy things, then nothing too bad will happen, right?
  6. The Dark Side: As much as I wished that I’d never have to see Dr. Jace on my screen again, it looks like she’s here to stay. I can hear Neal Powell laughing at me from the other side of the country, but whatever. I’m curious to see what becomes of Brion and the Markovia situation come next season. Will he ever break free from Zviad’s control? Has he truly settled himself into his darker role? Will Halo play a part in saving him? Who knows!
  7. Is Wally Really Gone?: I’m not going to get too much into this, because I feel like this subject has been talked about nonstop since ‘Overwhelmed’ aired. On one hand, the episode could have served as a goodbye to Wally, and his and Artemis’ relationship. On the other, you’ll notice that throughout the entire season, we’ve never really been given a clear answer as to Wally’s existence. Even when Artemis asks if he’s dead, he tells her not to talk about that. Sure, I could be digging even deeper into the ‘Wally is alive’ grave. Our favorite West could be gone. ...Or could he? Perhaps the LoS will play a role in potentially bringing him back. 
  8. Legion of Superheroes: Speaking of the LoS! I can already hear the excitement. I’m far from an expert on the topic, so I’m going to divert this one to Eric. He’s writing an entire article letting you know how excited he is about their involvement next season! If that won’t be enough for your LoS anticipation, I know that the Whelmed Podcast will have an entire discussion episode focused on them sometime in the next few months. Plenty of material to keep you research-fed and entertained until Season 4!

Did we miss anything? Are you looking forward to something else? Let us know in the comments, over email, or on Twitter! We love to hear from you all, keep staying whelmed, traught, and feeling the aster.

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