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We are so excited to share with you our first impressions about Young Justice's triumphant return after years of being uncertain or even cancelled (at times). We were granted the great honor of watching the first three episodes of the season early and have been sitting on our hands, biting our tongues about it since. Many fans have expressed love and excitement as well as concern over the darker more adult themes promised this season. As fans ourselves of the show, we can assure you that the show is back in perfect form and it feels like we never left! The following are some of the elements that fans can look forward to in the first three episodes of the season. We are attempting to present these as spoiler-free but if you don't want to know anything about the first three episodes, then wait to read this until after the fourth of January. Possible Spoilers Ahead:

  • The show picks up right where it left off in season 2. Much like the season 1 to season 2 time jump, we join our heroes after two years subsequently repeating the final scene from the previous season. Much of the first three episodes will revolve around Markovia. As many of you have seen in the previews and trailers, Markovia will be front and center and a major event in that country will get the attention of the World.
  • Speaking of major events, A HUGE event in the Justice League will happen about 13 minutes in. Fans can expect this to cover the reasoning for "Outsiders" as well as some internal battles that the League faces.
  • Much like season 2 addressed, the League's influence will go galaxy-wide. Some of the troubles that the team will face aren't on Earth alone.
  • Two new heroes along with four established ones will be the primary focus for the first three episodes. That said, you can be sure to see the founding members at least once (Tigress, Superboy, Miss Martian, Aquaman (Kaldur), and Nightwing).
  • For those of you that are shippers, (and we totally are) at least one established relationship will be addressed. We think your minds will explode.
  • Finally, a familiar villain from the light will return to face our heroes once again.

We hope these purposely vague facts are interesting to you but cover the actual story events that will happen so you can still delight in the surprises to come! We will be reviewing the newly released companion comic next and on January 4th, we will release our recaps of each of the new episodes! Stay with us and follow us on social media for all the updates!

Let us know what you think of our preview/review in the comments below and in the forum!

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