Synopses for Episodes 4-6 Released

We added thirty one new images for the upcoming three episodes this Friday and while a picture says a thousand words, they don't say the synopses that go with each episode. We are excited to have those for you as well today! Episode 304 will center around the aftermath of the Markovian incident and while the team gets homes for their new comers, Dick has a mission for himself! Episode 305 and 306 will be both off-world and in Happy Harbor! For the full synopsis of each episode, check them out below:

Private Security:

While Jefferson, Conner and Artemis find homes for their Markovian strays, Dick assembles a new squad and hits the road – but may not survive the trip.

Away Mission:

A distant conflict sends the team on an away mission, while the Happy Harbor gang decides what to do with Brion Markov and Halo (Zehra Fazal).

Rescue Op:

Brion Markov is determined to rescue his missing sister – even if it means throwing down against the entire League of Shadows.

Let us know what you think of these new synopses in the comments below and in our forum!

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