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We’ve nearly reached the end, my friends! Terminus marks the second to last week before the final three episodes, and I can guarantee that there’s no slowing down. This episode was a real heavy-hitter on the nostalgia front, which probably either rendered you to absolute joy or utter tears. Not sure if there’s much of an inbetween. 

With Halo kidnapped by Granny, everyone is trying to scramble and find out where she is. They get her coordinates from an unexpected person: Vandal Savage. The original team, plus Tara, Brion and Forager, travel to Granny’s Orphanage to rescue Halo. Despite one very nostalgic fever-dream and a whole lot of effort, the group ends up enslaved under the Anti-Life Equation. Confused? Don’t be, I got you covered below!

  1. Attempt at Rescue: The Justice Leaguers stationed in space attempt to rescue the captured meta teens from Granny’s orphanage. However, before they can get very far, Granny’s torture device is enabled. Combined with Halo’s polarized healing powers, the leaguers present fall under the Anti-Life Equation, thus putting them under Granny’s control. 
  2. Lost in Thought: Jefferson and Virgil sit on the beach together. Virgil attempts to cheer up his mentor with some genetically modified American meat, I mean, hot dogs, but it only reminds Jefferson of Helga. The two sit in silence, likely wondering how things got to be so wrong. 
  3. Gone Missing: At the Premiere building, many of our beloved heroes are desolate as Halo cannot be found. Per Granny’s TV interview, they’ve raided all of the Goode World industries, but have found nothing. As neither Sphere, Motherbox nor Victor could sense Halo, the group believes she must be off world. Dick is hopeful that they’ll find her, and it’s quite a relief to see him up and walking again. Kaldur has promised Barbara that he’ll keep an eye on him, much to Dick’s displeasure. 
  4. Trouble in Paradise: As we all probably expected, Conner and M’gann are going through quite the rough patch after M’gann’s role in the Anti-Light was revealed. M’gann tries to explain her reasoning to Conner, but he isn’t having it. Honestly, I have to side with him just a bit in this argument.
  5. An Unexpected Visitor: Conner and M’gann’s conversation is cut short by the arrival of someone unexpected: Vandal Savage. He provides them with coordinates for Halo’s location, allowing the group to find her. They ask what he wants in return, but he only wants one thing. When the time comes, he wants them to tell Granny exactly who sent them. Seems like the Darkseid/Vandal power struggle is only escalating. 
  6. Traught, Whelmed and Feeling the Aster: M’gann calls in the team to recover Halo, but as Thirteen is training with Zatanna and cannot be reached, Nightwing volunteers to sub in. Kaldur is tagging in too, in order to keep his promise to Barbara and watch over Dick. Despite Brion’s status as an Outsider, he insists on coming along as well. With instructions to be ready for anything, everyone boom tubes to Vandal’s coordinates. 
  7. Team on a Mission: As soon as the group arrives, they are attacked by Parademons. They’re no match for our team, and are taken out quickly. Once Motherbox has a lock on Violet’s location, the team splits up into Alpha and Beta. Alpha (Aquaman, Tigress, Miss Martian, Nightwing and Superboy) is responsible for keeping the Parademons distracted and occupied, and Beta going to track down Halo. Once Beta is gone, Kaldur notices the Javelin not too far from them. He surmises that they are on Granny’s asteroid base, as the League was staging a raid to rescue the missing meta teens. Superboy doesn’t hear any signs of a fight, and Miss Martian is unable to psychically connect with her uncle, raising some concerns. Nightwing informs them that because of Granny’s influence, Violet can now influence anyone without a fight. As an attack is imminent, Alpha prepares for a fight, keeping the attention away from Beta squad. 
  8. Silent Recollection: Jefferson takes Static back home to Dakota, and continues to reflect on the events leading him to this moment, including Batman leaving the League and Dick recruiting him. He’s obviously still very bothered by it all. Clearly not feeling the aster.
  9. A Fight to Remember: Beta Squad continues to track down Halo, discovering that Mantis has aligned to help Darkseid. Poor Forager. While Alpha fights Parademons and the Furies, Nightwing is knocked to the side and has a fever dream. He imagines the team back in their early prime, with an extra member: Wally. Bring on the feelings, y’all. Together, the team takes down the Parademons and the Furies, and Nightwing hacks the Javelin for some additional support. When he recovers from the dream, he discovers that because of the mind link, the rest of the team was also able to see what he was seeing. He’s comforted by Artemis before they go to take Granny down for good. 
  10. Playtime: Jefferson visits his family in Metropolis. We get a very cute scene (and possible foreshadow?) of Anissa and Jennifer pretending to have powers and being heroes. He finally allows himself to relax and play with them, starting to finally recover from his funk. 
  11. A Trap: Forager, Tara and Geoforce finally find Halo, but Granny is with her. Granny taunts Brion, goading him for all the betrayals he’s gone through. Geoforce is on the verge of blowing up, but it’s just a trick. He’s pretending to act this way so Granny will be off guard when they stage a calculated attack. However, Martian Manhunter (under the influence of the Anti-Life Equation) intercepts and shuts down the mind-link between the three. The controlled Leaguers attack and subdue the three without much fanfare. Alpha squad senses that something isn’t right. As Miss Martian senses nothing on the Leaguers, she surmises that they’re all under Granny’s control. Aquaman insists that Miss Martian mind-blast everyone in the room to free them of control, but Superboy is vehemently against this idea, given how well that worked last season. Miss Martian insists that it’s the only thing to do, and she’s willing to accept the consequences for the sake of the universe. 

The Anti-Life Equation: While Alpha rushes to the rescue, Granny explains her plan to Tara, Geoforce and Forager. Under Darkseid’s will, she plans to enslave the entire world to the Anti-Life Equation. Non-Metas will suffer and likely not survive the process. Geoforce tries to rouse Halo from her control, but to no avail. Miss Martian blasts everyone, but there isn’t enough time. Granny engages the torture device, and Halo unwillingly activates her polarized healing power, enslaving everyone in the room. For the first time, the team seems to be truly defeated. Dun dun dun. Looks like the Outsiders are going to have to come save them, huh?

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