Top 10 Characters on Young Justice Who Need More Screen Time

Happy Whelmed Wednesday! How is everyone doing in the Young Justice drought? Staying whelmed, we hope! To sprinkle on a tiny bit of mist, we’re coming back at you with another opinion piece. With so many characters on Young Justice, some are bound to get more screen time than others. While we do love our mains, we’d also love to know more about the lesser-focused on characters! Here are the top 5 characters we feel deserve some more screen time in future seasons:

  1. Tim Drake: When we saw Tim introduced as Robin in the first episode of Season 2, we were pumped. Regarded by many as the ‘best’ Robin, Tim is an incredibly popular character in the comics world. However, his limited appearances in both Invasion and Outsiders leave much to be desired. There’s so much we want to see about Tim, we couldn’t even begin to list them all! Also, what’s his relationship with Cassie like? Did it survive his secret-keeping in Outsiders? We want to know!
  2. Traci Thurston: The ‘newest’ character on our list, Traci briefly appears in Outsiders as part of the team, Zatanna’s mentee, and Jaime’s girlfriend. She has some really interesting powers that we’d love to see explored more in future seasons, not to mention her relationship with Zatanna. While her role may not have been as pivotal in Outsiders, we would love to see some more of her.
  3. Stephanie Brown: Oh Steph, how we long to see more of you! The fiery member of the team definitely needs some more screen time, ASAP. Will she end up being the catalyst that breaks up Tim and Cassie’s relationship? Or will she remain a fun, sassy member of the Bat Family? There’s so much we want to know about Young Justice’s iteration of Steph, we can’t wait to see what season four holds!
  4. Cassandra Cain: Do we even need to go into this one? Her appearance as Orphan in ‘Triptych’ was SUCH a tease that left us hungry for more. Like Stephanie and Tim, Cassandra is a much-beloved member of the Bat Family in the comics, and her identity as Orphan in Young Justice leaves tons of questions unanswered. Will we get more Bat Family focus next season? If we get to see more of Tim, Steph and Cass, we sure hope so!
  5. Virgil Hawkins:  Though Virgil has gotten more screen time as part of the Outsiders team, we’re still clamoring for more of him! His personality really started to shine through this season, and we adored his close friendship with Cassie. If the Outsiders remain a focus next season, we can definitely see Virgil getting some more focus. 

Who do you want to see get more screen time next season? Let us know in the forum, or on our Twitter, we love hearing from you.

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