Top Five Character Arcs in Young Justice: Outsiders

When it comes to character growth and progression, Young Justice arguably has some of the strongest development for their leads.The leads on Young Justice are always evolving and learning from their past experience; such is the course for growing up, and it’s extremely relatable to see favored characters doing the same. Today, we’d love to break down some of our favorite character arcs and note which characters have changed the most.

5.) Garfield Logan: During the first two seasons of the series, Beast Boy’s characterization was initially similar to prior adaptations in media: goofy, energetic, and mainly serving as comic relief. However, since Wally’s ceasing, Beast Boy did some growing up. With the formation of the Outsiders, Beast Boy matured and took on the disposition of a natural leader. As heartbreaking as ‘Nightmare Monkeys’ was, we’re glad that it had such an effect on Beast Boy’s character. By the end of the season, he proved that he has come a long way from being a wide-eyed, childlike jokester.

4.) Artemis Crock: Thanks to her rough upbringing, Artemis started the series as a jaded young woman with a chip on her shoulder and a slew of trust issues. As the series progressed, we had a front-seat view to her interpersonal journey, watching her become a beloved mentor and strong member of the team. Many people found her arc to be extremely relatable; while most of us don’t have a family of villains to wrangle with, it’s how she deals with hardships, complications, and loss that truly make her memorable.  We can’t imagine the series without Artemis Crock; here’s to more of her in Season 4!

3.) M’gann M’orzz: Miss Martian started out as “the heart” of the Team, a very bubbly, perky, and enthusiastic idealist who wore her emotions on her sleeve. By the time seasons like Invasion and Outsiders came along, she’s been through some emotional stuff and, as a result,became a lot more serious and mature. We adored seeing how far she came in Outsiders, having learned from (some of) her mistakes in Invasion and truly putting forth an effort to be a mentor; both on the Team, and in her position as a guidance counselor at Happy Harbor High. Throughout all of this, she never ceases to be a good person at heart, despite some of the rough decisions she’s had to make.

2.) Conner Kent: When it comes to doing a complete 180, Superboy definitely comes to mind. By Outsiders, he is no longer the quick-tempered, rash, emotional person he was in the first season. Throughout the seasons, Superboy learned how to work alongside a team, be patient, and keep his cool. In Outsiders, he has grown enough to provide guidance to Brion,who possesses the same impatient, quick-to-anger traits he used to have. Most heartwarming of all, by the end of the season, not only had he grown as a mentor, he learned to step up to Superman's absence and acted as a beacon for those in need of support.

1.) Dick Grayson: Another quick change in personality, Nightwing transformed from the frequently cackling, lighthearted Boy Wonder to one of the most mature, driven superheroes of the Earth-16 universe. Nightwing made it clear that he didn’t want to be ‘the Batman’, but since then, he’s grown as a different type of leader. While we wish he’d participate a little less in secret-keeping, we can’t deny that his strategies served the greater good. Though he’s constantly adapting to a hefty mantle with tons of responsibility, he’s good at it. Nightwing’s transformation and personal journey still has a way to go, but we’re confident that he’ll get there and become an even bigger symbol of great wisdom and strength.

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