Top Five Girl-Power Moments on Young Justice

This month has been a lot of things, but on the bright side, it’s Women’s History month! We already made a kick-ass thread on International Women’s Day over on Twitter, but today we wanted to highlight some specific moments from Young Justice that really brought on a sense of girl power.

On the whole, Young Justice does a really nice job in how it handles its female characters; they’re multilayered individuals who have a variety of roles on the show. The female character designs are something that’s been repeatedly talked about in the past as it’s one of the few shows to give the female heroes sensible hero costumes, while still paying homage to their traditional appearance in comics/other media. As a result of the show’s treatment of the female characters, the audience has latched on to fan-favorites such as Miss Martian, Artemis, Zatanna, and Oracle. Here are some of our favorite moments in the past three seasons:

  1. Sensible Shoes, Please!: In the fan-favorite Season One episode ‘Secrets’, Artemis and Zatanna find themselves face to face with Harm, who isn’t initially phased by their attacks. The two girls end up on the run from Harm, and Zatanna notes that while her shoes are very cute, they’re not exactly cut out for a chase sequence. She transforms her boots into sensible running shoes, which many people could probably appreciate. The moment is probably a nod to how many female heroes often wear inappropriate clothing and shoes for such an active lifestyle, and we can definitely appreciate it.
  2. A Touch of Guidance: During Season Three’s ‘Quiet Conversations’, M’gann uses her role as a guidance counselor to help get Harper Row the help she needs. On the surface, this moment doesn’t exactly scream ‘female empowerment’. And yet, it does just that. M’gann is able to use her skills and experience to give Harper the safety net she needs to come clean about her abuse at the hands of her father. We love to see a softer moment expressing how women can lift each other up, and for that reason, the interaction between M’gann and Harper deserves a spot on this list.
  3. Just One Shot: Another fan-favorite episode, Season One’s ‘Homefront’ had many on the edges of their seats. With all their superpowered friends held captive, Artemis and Robin must use their wits to save the day on their own. When Robin is captured, Artemis faces the situation alone. Despite her momentary lack of confidence in her abilities, she musters up the courage to take one last shot and ultimately succeeds. We cannot express enough the importance of Artemis’ journey in this episode. It’s this episode that helps put herself on the path of self-acceptance and something many viewers were able to relate to. In terms of powerful female role models, Artemis might deserve top spot, and we can think of no better moment to grant than this one.
  4. Squad Goals: In Season Two’s ‘Beneath’, Nightwing assigns an all female squad to investigate Queen Bee. The squad consists of Bumblebee, Batgirl, Miss Martian and Wonder Girl— we’re going to mosey past Nightwing’s reasoning for an ‘all girl’ squad, and move right along to talking about the girls’ teamwork. It’s undeniable that the girls know how to work well together. Though Cassie doubts herself at first, she’s reassured that they’ve all been there and the team is able to find another solution to save the day. Again, another great example of women working together and lifting each other up, and we’re absolutely here for it.
  5. A Group That Celebrates Together, Fights Together: This last moment is probably the definition of a ‘girl power’ moment on Young Justice. In Season Two’s ‘Satisfaction’, many of the women gather at Raquel’s bridal shower to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. However, when Captain Cold (idiotically) tries to cause some mischief, they’re all there to stop him. What more needs to be said about this scene? 

Do you agree with our choices? Let us know your favorite girl-power moments by commenting below, on our forum, or over on our Twitter!

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