Top Five Plot Twists on Young Justice

Happy New Year, and happy Whelmed Wednesday everyone! We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and got some rest and relaxation. We’re jumping right back into the swing of things by doing what we do best: talking about Young Justice, of course! Today, we break down the top five plot twists on Young Justice throughout all three seasons. Young Justice has a pretty good mix of surprises and predictability in its writing, but these moments stood out and remain epic. We only hope that Season 4 continues this tradition!

  1. Brion’s Sudden Change of Heart: Sure, the clues were there, if you go back and rewatch it. Still, it was a huge surprise when after a season of solid character development, Brion fell prey to Zviad’s influence and regressed into his anger before deciding to kill his uncle. While some of the repercussions were revealed in the finale, there are plenty more that were hinted at. We can only hope that Brion sees the error of his ways, and soon. 
  2. ‘Summit’: An incredible episode, through and through. What starts as a simple meeting between the Light and the Reach quickly escalates into a full-blown battle. The twists keep coming at you, like Artemis’ reveal, Kaldur and Artemis’ ‘deaths’, Kaldur’s betrayal, the Team showing up to save the day… this episode keeps you on your toes, for sure!
  3. Wally’s Ceasing: What was most surprising about Wally’s ceasing is that throughout the entire season, it was Artemis’ demise that was frequently portrayed and tease. Ultimately, it was not her who paid the price, but her longtime boyfriend. Big ouch right there. Wally’s loss is still felt in the fandom, and the sudden dread while watching ‘Endgame’ never really goes away. 
  4. Batman’s Coup: When the first episode of Outsiders dropped, this was one of the hottest topics of discussion. Batman, a founding member, leaving the League? Shocking. Granted, we all later discovered that this was in fact a clever ploy to do secret undercover work, but still! No one expected Batman to pull the rug out from under the League like that. 
  5. Red Arrow Being the Mole: We have yet to meet a fan who saw this one coming. Arguably the best plot-twist on Young Justice, this one was deep-seeded and hard to guess, but made perfect sense once the entire story was revealed. If you go back and rewatch the episodes, which you definitely should, you can pick up on the little hints and clues cleverly dropped by the writers that foreshadow this very twist. Will Season Four find a way to top this one? We sure hope so!

Did we miss a plot-twist? Have a better one you want to point out? Please do! Let us know in the forum, or on our Twitter, we love hearing from you.

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