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So far, every season of Young Justice has had its episode(s) where the true meaning of the actions doesn’t come until closer to the end. Examples of this include ‘Depths’, where Artemis was ‘killed’ and then revealed to in on a ploy with Dick, Kaldur and Wally. In season one, Usual Suspects uses this strategy to reveal the true intentions of Artemis, M’Gann and Superboy who allegedly join the bad guys in Santa Prisca. Triptych is this season’s model, in which three different teams handle three different missions that all result in one endgame. Were you confused? Let’s go over the details to make sure you’re all caught up.

  1. Vanishing Act: Right off the bat we’re introduced to three new metahumans: Mist, Livewire, and Shade. Only they’re not stuck in a human trafficking ring, they’re working for the League of Shadows under Cheshire. They infiltrate Star Labs in Detroit with the intent of stealing a device left behind by the Reach during last season’s invasion. Just as Shade has swallowed the device with his shadow powers, security is called. Cheshire takes down security, only to get shot in the aftermath. Dick and his Outsiders team use this opportunity to get intel about the shadows from the injured Cheshire. Halo discovers a new power, and Artemis gets some one-on-one time with Cheshire. We find out that Cheshire has indeed left behind Will and Lian, though she seems to regret leaving the latter. She divulges that the Shadows are being run out of Santa Prisca, and makes her escape with Shade.
  2. Team BatArrow Go: In one of the most anticipated team-ups of the season, Tim, Orphan, Spoiler and Arrowette follow the Mad Hatter who is supposed to be on parole. After a quick dice from Orphan’s sword, we discover that Clayface has secretly been posing as the Mad Hatter so the real Hatter can continue his dirty work. The team converges in Hatter’s secret location in which he’s testing out a submissive nano-injection on a young metahuman male. The most entertaining parts of this scene is not the fight between the team, Clayface and Hatter, but rather the interesting quips and interactions between the team. This is our first real look at Orphan, Spoiler and Arrowette, and it does not disappoint. Hopefully we get a deeper look at all of them in a future episode. Hatter escapes with the metahuman male and blows up the warehouse, but not before Tim finds a control device.
  3. The Worst Luck: Billy Batson is all grown up, and he’s now working with Barry Allen on a transport of two prisoners to Belle Reve. One of these prisoners you’ll recognize, as it’s Brick from ‘Private Security’. The other, a young male we haven’t yet seen, remains a mystery. Sportsmaster interrupts the transport with Abra Kadabra, fully intent on breaking out the prisoners. I’m not sure what’s more surprising, the fact that Sportsmaster is still kicking or the fact that he still has all his hair despite being over 60. Aquaman and Rocket come to assist Flash and Captain Marvel; it’s nice to finally see a different combination of Leaguers working together. However, despite the four on two attack, Sportsmaster still manages to escape with the mystery man, and they disappear without a trace.
  4. It’s all Coming up Gotham: All team members from the previous scenarios converge in Gotham, along with Miss Martian, Batman and Wonder Woman. In a juicy twist, we discover that Aquaman and Wonder Woman knew about Batman’s ‘coup’, as it was a way for certain leaguers to work out of sight. It is finally revealed how the three missions are all tied together: the mystery man Sportsmaster escaped with was the same metahuman that Hatter injected. This man becomes Shade, who was under Cheshire’s control. We learn that this was the work of another metahuman trafficking syndicate, the Branchwater chain. Branchwater is controlled by Simon Stagg, whose methods differ from Bedlam in that he doesn’t create new metahumans, but rather recruits metahuman criminals and controls them via a nano-injection. Thanks to the efforts of the three teams and Oracle, all metahumans are freed from control and Stagg is arrested for his crimes. However, one metahuman did escape: Shade. Dick mentions that he is still under Cheshire’s control, but we see her give him the control device and he ominously appears in Stagg’s prison cell, possibly looking for retribution. Wonder Woman is not happy about lying to the other leaguers and the public about Batman and co.’s true intentions, and we’re left to wonder if it will eventually work out, or if this development will blow up in their faces. If we know anything about Young Justice, explosions are very much of the norm, so I’d expect the latter.

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