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Well, my friends, it seems we’ve finally made it to the end. At least, the midway end. This is our final episode recap until June, and I for one could not be more excited! So many twists and turns revealed in this episode, I know I’ll be rewatching it at least a few more times to keep me sated over the next five months. So what exactly happened? Here we go:

  1. Happy Halloween: Violet, Brion, Forager and Victor prepare to go to the dance at Happy Harbor high. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who got nostalgic over the same dance from ‘Secrets’! Violet and Brion have matching skeleton face makeup, and Dr. Jace happily snaps pictures of them all. However, their fun is quickly cut short when Dick arrives with Conner and Artemis. He announces that they’re going to Greater Bialya as they have a solid lead on Tara’s location. Brion is ready to go, but Violet is made to stay behind to look after Victor.
  2. The Search for Tara: I can’t get enough of Forager, y’all. The way he took control of Bioship was adorable, and I love how Conner just let him! On the ship, Dick explains everything they know so far. He tells the team about the VR Goggles, Gretchen Goode, and the connection to Jacquar Marlo’s death in ‘Rescue Op’. Tara is believed to be kept in Bialya, listed as an item for sale among other metahumans.
  3. Attack of the Hormones: Violet is on the verge of an anxiety attack, terrified to Brion’s life on this dangerous mission. Dr. Jace tries to get her to calm down, and offers to brush her hair for her as that is what she used to do for her own daughter. This scene is especially creepy and made me extremely uncomfortable while watching, so imagine my relief when Victor turned ‘fatherbox’ again and began to attack the both of them. Only catch? This time, because of the emotions that the motherbox cannot handle, Violet has lost her powers.
  4. Secret Plan: Nightwing explains that Tara is enlisted in a metahuman fight club, in which people can bid on the teens and win them for their own use. If that weren’t hard enough to sneak past, security is run by Psimon, the Terror Twins, Icicle Jr., Shimmer, and Devastation. Brion is enraged at his sister’s predicament, but Jefferson and Nightwing warn him to keep his emotions in check as Psimon will sense any disturbance immediately.
  5. Night of the Living Fatherbox: Victor, under the control of fatherbox, seeks out Violet and tries to kill her. When he’s about to take his final blow, Victor wrestles power back from fatherbox and screams at Violet to run. She starts to do so, and then pauses, recognizing that Victor needs help. The urge to help is enough to bring motherbox back to her senses and use Violet’s emotions as a strength instead of a weakness. She turns indigo and removes the fatherbox’s control over Victor for good.
  6. Rescuing Tara: Artemis, Jefferson and Brion sneak into the club wearing the same masks as the other patrons. Psimon almost finds them out, but is quickly knocked unconscious by a secret zap of Jefferson’s lightning. Tara fights a tough match against Holocaust and loses, but Artemis places a winning bid for her and thus she is reunited with Brion.
  7. An Icy Reunion: Artemis, Dick, Conner and Jefferson return to the scene to rescue the other metahuman teens. The best part of this scene is when Conner and Icicle Jr face off, both of them casually talking about M’gann and how Conner and her are now engaged. I shouldn’t be laughing, but I am. Despite a tough battle, Dick and Artemis are outnumbered and need assistance to free the metahuman teens. Luckily for them, Brion and Tara come to save the day, working together with their Earth powers to rescue everyone.
  8. Always the Princess: With the metahumans saved, the gang returns to Happy Harbor. Conner reveals that all team and league raids were successful. Victor adds to the good news, explaining that Violet has now healed him for good. Dr. Jace apologizes to Tara for not being able to help her, but Tara is quick to forgive. All is well and sweet, especially when Brion introduces Violet to Tara as his girlfriend. At least, all is well until the next morning. Tara leaves her couch-bed in Star City, only to text Deathstroke that she’s in. Cliffhanger alert! Now what am I supposed to do until June?

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