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Another Tuesday, another exciting Young Justice: Outsiders episode to break down! We’re close to being finished with the season, but I’m going to ignore that in favor of watching the Kaldur and Wyynde scenes over and over again. Oh, and little baby Beecher-Duncan. She cute. 

In this week’s episode, Dick and Jefferson get a little more than they bargained for when they break in to investigate Granny’s home, leaving Kaldur and Wyynde to save them. Karen and Mal’s daughter is born, but not without complications. Dr. Jace continues being shady, and I am finally vindicated. Sounds like a lot? I promise, I’ll cover it all below!

  1. Breaking and Entering: While Granny is busy attending the premiere of a new Goode World Studios film, Nightwing and Black Lightning attempt to do recon of her house. Side note: The Great Khan… is that supposed to be a reference to Vandal? Black Lightning is dubious of what a recon could help them with, but Nightwing has other plans. He’d taken Dreamer’s motherbox and used it to discover if Granny was keeping Apokoliptian tech in her house; Surprise, surprise, she is. Oracle provides backup on the mission, but her feed is cut as soon as Nightwing and Black Lightning enter the house. The two aren’t even inside five minutes before they’re sucked into the floor. Uh oh. 
  2. Symbiosi: In Kaldur’s home of Shayeris (from here on known as my happy place, in addition to Star City), he and Wyynde watch as the newly named Dolphin happily swims with Sha’lain’a and Cal Durham. Their happiness is cut short when Oracle contacts Kaldur, informing him that Nightwing and Black Lightning have been missing for nearly twenty four hours. Given that their mission was illegal and thus prohibits League involvement, Kaldur asks if another member of their secret team can handle the situation. However, no one else is available. Kaldur agrees to go, but he won’t be alone; Wyynde has insisted on joining him.
  3. Baby Fever: As Mal and Karen prepare for their baby’s arrival, they discuss the possibility of their child containing a meta gene. Karen wants to leave the chance to Mother Nature, but Mal seems to be more in favor of experimentation. They don’t get much farther than that, as Karen’s water breaks; seems it’s time for another member of the Super Hero Playdate group to be born!
  4. Is it Always Like This: In the Outsiders’ Tower, Silas and Vic say a quick goodbye amidst the usual chaos. Beast Boy and Geoforce return from a nasty encounter with the Condiment King, and Tara and Geoforce rush out for a mission with M’Gann. Violet laments how Brion is still angry with her, and she doesn’t have much time to tell him goodbye. Dr. Jace insists that Violet still keep the news to herself, given that she will be talking to her mentor that evening. 
  5. Diplomatic Visit: Oracle coordinates both Kaldur and Wyynde as they scope out Granny’s home. She prepares to make a distraction and lure Granny out, but Kaldur prefers the direct approach: ringing the doorbell. Granny is surprised to see Aquaman at her doorstep and invites him and Wyynde inside; just as before, the moment the front door closes, Oracle’s feed is cut. Kaldur states the purpose of the visit, that he is there to question about the whereabouts of Nightwing and Black Lightning. Granny asks if he plans to bring them to justice for breaking into her home illegally. Kaldur says they can discuss it, once she takes them to their friends. Granny agrees, using the Apokoliptian tech (named Overlord) to descend them all into a pit. Oracle continues watching via beetle, prepared to make a distraction if need be. 
  6. Small Complication: Over at the Ivy University hospital, Karen is in active labor, assisted by Mal and a small team of doctors. Another side note: I’m just going to assume that every new female character on this show is voiced by Zehra Fazal; the woman has incredible range, and I can only hope this pattern continues in Season 4. After much pushing, Karen gives birth to a baby girl. However, there’s a problem: the baby has cyanosis, needing further X-Ray to investigate. Not the thing new parents want to hear immediately after birth, poor them. 
  7. The New Vic: Anyone else feel kinda giddy seeing both Garfield and Vic on screen together? The two hang out in the gym, with Victor talking about his healing progress and how much better he feels. I’m so happy that he’s getting the help he needs and finally coming to terms with who he is. Not only that, but he’s even learning to take control of his tech. This piques Garfield’s interest, and he encourages Vic to test out his strength. It’s so great to see that the two are becoming so close. One can only hope that this will lead to Vic joining the Outsiders, or the Team, in the near future. 
  8. A Hero to Look Up To: Brion stands on the balcony, staring at a picture of him and Violet from Halloween. He looks up when he hears the door open, but to his disappointment, it’s only Dr. Jace. Me too, Brion. He was hoping that Violet was the one trying to find him, given her attempts to speak with him. Brion attempts to leave and speak with her, but Dr. Jace stops him, claiming that right now Violet feels out of control and needs to be in control of what happens to her. Mhm, sure Jace. In the meantime, she suggests that Brion take a look at the Outsiders’ social media feed and start replying to the fans from Markovia, as this could be his ticket home. 
  9. Fixing a Broken Heart: Mal and Karen’s daughter has a hole in her heart, and given the snow storm, no heart surgeon will be able to make it in time. Lucky for the baby, Karen pulls on her Bumblebee gear and is prepared to make the assist herself. Mal isn’t happy about the decision given that Karen just gave birth, but Karen will do anything to save their daughter’s life. She shrinks down and is inserted into her daughter’s body, using the doctor’s guidance to put a patch on the hole.
  10. Lesson Learned: Granny guides Kaldur and Wyynde down into her X-Pit, where Nightwing and Black Lightning are being tortured. This put is where Granny brings people that need ‘correction’, aka, brainwashing and torture to make them ‘obey their Granny’. Kaldur and Wyynde rescue Nightwing and Black Lightning from the pit, using their magic to ward off some of the negative effects. However, Wyynde also rescues Dreamer’s motherbox. This causes issues when they try to leave, as Granny refuses to let them go without returning the Motherbox. Kaldur insists that as Motherbox is a living being, they will not leave without her. This is unacceptable for Granny, so she turns the tables. Turns out that the X-Pit has another side effect: mind control. She bids Nightwing and Black Lighting to obey her, and thus they attack Kaldur and Wyynde. 
  11. A Change of Heart: Karen completes the patch on her daughter’s heart without complication. However, it seems she’s had a change of heart about meddling with her daughter’s genetics. She turns off her video feed and shrinks down to access her daughter’s DNA, assumedly altering her genes to create a metagene. 
  12. New Revelations: Kaldur and Wyynde hold their own against Nightwing and Jefferson, given that their Atlantean strength and magic gives them the advantage. This doesn’t please Granny, who commands that Overlord kill Motherbox. Motherbox’s cries of pain alert both Victor and Violet, who immediately rush to the rescue via Boomtube. That’s right, Vic can Boomtube! They are joined by Brion and Garfield, who are quite surprised at the company they keep. While Vic stops Overlord from hurting Motherbox, Violet heals her, and then uses the language of the Old Gods to cure Nightwing and Black Lightning from Granny’s control. Granny wants to discipline Garfield for intervening, but Oracle luckily saves the day and disrupts Overlord, distracting Granny and allowing the heroes to escape. 
  13. All is Well: With her daughter on the mend, Karen cuddles with her. For her sake, I really hope Karen gets some serious rest. Childbirth followed by heroing is no joke. 
  14. Consequences: Nightwing is gravely ill following his time in the X-Pit, and Barbara sits by his side and tries to help. Outside the medical bay, Kaldur and Wyynde share a brief yet touching moment, and Violet and Brion make up. Happy times for everyone. Sort of. Dr. Jace, however, is not happy that Brion and Violet have made up. She texts her ‘mentor’, who is revealed to be none other than Ultra Humanite. Yes, I’ll take ‘Ariel was right about Dr. “Shady” Jace’ for 500 points, please. Vindication has never felt so sweet. 
  15. The Anti Life Equation: In a post-credits scene, we see Granny contact Darkseid, letting him know that she has found the Anti-Life Equation. Yeah, that… that’s not good.

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