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Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle, has been a popular character that many fans have enjoyed watching on Young Justice for the past two seasons. The character’s charm and likability is a given considering he’s voiced by the memorable, high-talented Eric Lopez. A well-recognized voice-over artist in the industry, Eric has been a regular addition to many Greg Weisman-led productions such as Young Justice and The Spectacular Spider-Man. Not only that, but Eric’s also done a variety of differing movies and television shows that are all unique and exciting in their own ways. Today, we here at Young Justice TV dig into some of our favorite roles that were so masterfully portrayed by the wonderful Eric Lopez.

  1. The Spectacular Spider-Man: The amazing, sensational, and most certainly spectacular web-slinger of the Marvel universe is nothing without his famous rogues gallery. Eric lends his voice to Mark Allan, originally known as Mark Raxton in the comics, the brother to Peter Parker’s love interest, Liz Allan. Due to unfortunate circumstances involving a desire for more money, Mark is transformed into the living fireball known as the Molten Man. Forced to fight against our favorite webhead against his will, Eric captures both the rage and sadness that comes with Mark’s plights and struggles to understand the newfound curse that’s now fallen upon him. 
  2. Star Wars Rebels: One of LucasFilm Animation’s most popular shows, Star Wars Rebels is another cinematic adventure in a galaxy far far away with characters we’ve grown to love over the years. Five years before A New Hope, Star Wars Rebels centers around a crew of outlaws who conduct covert operations against the Imperial garrison and the other menacing Empire organizations. Rather than voicing one character in the main cast, Eric voices a few characters in this show including a young imperial named Oleg to a member of the Iron Squadron named Jonner Jin. Eric is able to juggle a diversity of differing parts in this show and is still able to leave a lasting impression on this show with his assortment of special character roles.
  3. Spirit Riding Free: Grab your cowboy boots and hop in the saddle because this show is certainly aimed for horse lovers everywhere! Based on the DreamWorks movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Spirit Riding Free centers around a young girl named Lucky who befriends a wild mustang named Spirit. Bonding with the stallion, Lucky and her newfound friends embark on everyday adventures involving the typical struggles of a teenage girl along with the responsibilities of having a horse in your life. Similar to the selected work above, Eric voices many intriguing characters in this show ranging from a travelling circus ringmaster to a cunning balloon salesman. The Netflix series provides even more proof that even in minor roles, Eric’s still able to shine with his natural, unparalleled talents as a voice actor.
  4. Infinite Crisis: Reprising his role as our favorite superhero with a bug on his back, Infinite Crisis was released in 2015 to many passionate gamers and DC fans everywhere. Loosely based on the comic book storyline with the same title, the multiplayer online game featured two an assortment of iconic DC heroes and villains that competed in combat missions across multiple destructive battlefields featuring changing in-game events. Eric once again voices Jaime Reyes, which is quite interesting considering he's voiced the character in two games now counting this and Young Justice: Legacy. Whether in a video game or an animated series, Eric always knows how to bring his A game to the role of Blue Beetle.

Did we miss any of Eric’s best roles? Got any suggestions for other characters that he's played so well in the past? Leave a comment down below and give us your thoughts!

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